Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

April 20 and April 30, 2017

April 30, 2017

Lord Jesus said to me, “My child, don’t be silent. Speak to the people. The time is very crucial. Tell people to pray and repent of their sins. Time is also very short and things are unfolding very fast. Many disasters will occur by nature and there are also very dangerous happenings in North Korea. Many lives will be lost if they don’t repent and get to know Me. People need to come to My refuge so they can be saved and protected.”

Later, an Angel of the Lord appeared and said, “I come to warn you.”

He showed me a big round object being sent up into the atmosphere by North Korea.

He said, “This will be sent up and will explode on coming down. When it hits the ground it will create enormous damage. Many lives will be lost. It can happen any time. Pray!”

Holy Michael and another angel I recognised were also present when I was shown this vision.

When the angel showed this weapon to me, I called the Archangel Michael and said, “Michael!”

As I looked at him, his head sank into his robe as if hiding from me.

I gently berated him, “Stop hiding!” He then reappeared smiling and said, “I played a little joke on you.”

I was so shocked and disturbed by the vision of the bomb, that I think St Michael was trying to ease my mind by playing a little joke on me.

I said, “Michael, can you explain to me about this dangerous bomb? What part of the world will be hit and when?”

He smiled and answered, “It can hit any place in the world.”

I was very sad thinking of all the poor people who will suffer, and many will die.

Holy Michael said, “Don’t say poor people, always say let it be God’s Will. God is very offended by humanity. Their behaviour is terrible. Tell everyone to change and pray. Maybe this disaster can still be mitigated before it happens.”

Please, people, pray with all your heart. May God save people and have mercy on us all.




April 20, 2017

Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Peace be with you My child. Pray for peace which is so fragile in this time in which you all live. You don’t know from day to day what can happen between North Korea, South Korea, China and America. These are the nations that are very dangerous, planning to start a war. The nuclear, the most poisonous weapons to kill. How sad it makes Me to watch the world sinking deeper and deeper into sin, hate and destruction. When I think how I suffered for all humanity to redeem you so you can live in harmony and peace. To love one another, to be charitable and compassionate to one another. Instead, you grow cold hearted like stone, with hatred and rebellion.”

“I, your Lord and God call this generation ‘with no hope‘. Tell them to come back to the House of the Lord before they all die of wretchedness and hunger. Only in Me will they find safe refuge and salvation of life.”

“I am the Resurrection, the Life and the Truth. In Me there is no darkness, but everlasting Light.”

Our Lord was so sad to give me this message. I cried to see Him so upset for the world .

Have mercy, my Lord.

Later, our Blessed Mother and Queen came and said to me, “My daughter, how sad is my Son Jesus for all offences He receives from His children of the world. His Sacred Heart is pierced and wounded over and over again.”

She said, “To obtain peace, that is so fragile now, we need lots of prayers and penance to be offered up to God.”

“Console the Lord and tell Him you love Him. Love Him for those who rebel against God and deny Him. Fear not my daughter We are always with you, and bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

“Write down what We tell you, and don’t listen to others.”

Thank you my Mother and Queen, pray for us.


At my prayer group on the First Saturday praying the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and the Rosary.

During the praying of the Chaplet, our Lord Jesus said, “My Children, when you pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet you pray for the whole world, especially for the most needy and poor.”

Suddenly, a very unusual vision appeared. At first, I could see Africa, with suffering and hunger and no water. The children were crying. The land was dry and there was nothing to eat. The children were dying of starvation.

Our Lord Jesus said, “My Heart aches to see what is in front of Me, yet there are so many rich and selfish people who will not share. They close their eyes so as not to see.”

Next, I could see Syria and all the ruins and terrible destruction from the war. More suffering, persecution and hunger. People are displaced from their country and scattered everywhere. Nothing but misery!

The vision continued with China and North Korea.

Concerning North Korea, our Lord said, “This is the most threatening and dangerous in the world. My children, pray because My Hand is held over North Korea to sustain it and protect it from danger that can come and destroy it from all parts of the globe. My Mercy and Love keeps Me away from My Just Hand, not to allow punishment. It is through your prayer, My faithful children that sustains Me to be compassionate and merciful to all humanity. Continue to pray and pray. You also console Me your Lord and your God.”

Jesus speaks, “Valentina, now that you see the place that I show you, offer Me everything and beg Me to be merciful to all the places in the world. Offer Me this intention at Holy Mass. You will console Me.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, I place every part of the world in Your Love and Mercy and I trust in You.”

When our Lord was speaking I saw a tear coming from His right Eye and spreading over His cheek (appeared to be golden-like tears).



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