Recent Messages

By Valentina Papagna

November 22 and November 23, 2017

November 22nd, 2017

This morning the angel of the Lord took me to meet many Holy Prophets in Heaven.

I stood next to the angel and watched these Holy People talking about how bad it is in the world today. How the world is sinful and corrupt. They said that it has never been this bad before.

They said that people must know that great changes are coming to the world. People must change, repent and pray.

They said, “This is very near and this must be announced to the world. It is very urgent.”

I said to them, “I, too, was informed of these great changes and that they will come soon.”

As I said this the Saints turned around and gave me a stern look.

The angel said to me, “Do not interfere with their talk and discussion, just listen to them. They know everything that will happen because they live in Heaven. God gives them Prophetic knowledge before it reaches the earth.”

I continued to listen to the Holy Prophets. They said, “When these changes are about to happen on earth, Gordon has been chosen to announce the warning through the computer.”

I asked, “Who is Gordon?”

The Saints said, “He is in charge of messages that are put up on the computer. He searches the messages to determine whether they are correct or not.”

I kept repeating the name Gordon to myself so that I would not forget it.

Later that morning, as I was offering my prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “What you just heard is all true. It is very urgent that you attend Holy Mass today and offer Me all that you heard from these Holy Prophets, so that I can sanctify and bless for what is coming to the world.”

Jesus said, “I Am holy and My work is holy. Whatever I do is holy. You can do this for Me My Child because you live on earth and I give you this task to do and I give you My permission.”

“Go and announce My Holy Word. I Am always with you. Fear not.”

Thank You My Lord Jesus. I trust in You.


November 23rd, 2017
The Holy Family

Jesus, Blessed Mother and St Joseph appeared to me in the morning. Jesus appeared to be about two to three years old.

St Joseph said, “We come to tell you how happy we are that you love Jesus so tenderly and so gently. He is very joyous. We wish the world would show a little respect for our Son, instead they deny Him. Only some people love Him, but He wants to be loved by everyone. He loves little children. He wishes that parents would teach their children to know Him and to love Him. He, too, was once a little Child.”

Little Jesus, we love You. May the whole world love You and recognise You. Bless everyone and have mercy on everyone.