God the Father in readiness

By Valentina Papagna

October 10, 2020

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All day Friday and throughout the night until early Saturday morning, I was in a lot of pain and suffering.

In the early morning, Blessed Mother appeared, “Come my daughter, I will reveal to you why my Son gave you such suffering.”

We found ourselves in Purgatory, where all the souls were suffering. These particular souls, mainly women, were very close to going to Heaven. As soon as we arrived there, the souls came up close and started to gather around us.

Blessed Mother said, “I brought my daughter Valentina with me. She helped you to be raised up to where you are now. She suffered a lot for you to help you to go to Heaven.”

In preparation, Blessed Mother was telling them wonderful things about how beautiful it is in Heaven.

They said to her, “But on earth it is so bad, it is very hard to be good. It is very hard and deceiving.”

Blessed Mother said, “Do not worry and do not be sad. My Son is preparing to change the world. His Coming is ever so near.”

Pointing her hand towards me Blessed Mother said to souls, “Here is Valentina, she can tell you that my Son is truly coming to the world. She knows He is coming because we have revealed it to her many times.”

“Be courageous, just a little longer and you will be in your Heavenly Home rejoicing,” said Blessed Mother. She was very joyful, giving encouragement to the souls.

Then, in an instant I found myself back home. Suddenly, a beautiful bright light appeared in my home. I was looking at the light in which I could see a single-seater sofa. God the Father was sitting on the sofa holding a beautiful Dove in His Holy Hands. Surrounding God the Father were beautiful, twittering little birds of all different colours. God the Father was holding the Dove, in readiness to let Him go.

All Praise and Glory to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.