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By Valentina Papagna

June 27 thru July 4, 2021

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Lord Jesus blesses Australia and New Zealand

This morning while I was praying, Lord Jesus appeared, and He said, “My child Valentina, I come to tell you today I bless Australia and New Zealand so that they can help one another and support one another. They have a lot in common. They will become an alliance. I hope people recognise My help and My blessings and thank Me for it.”

Our Lord also mentioned the Coronavirus. He said, “Once again, I want to tell you that you live in very difficult times. So do not believe all you hear about the Coronavirus. They lie to people and put fear in them. There is only some truth, but it is not all true.”

Lord, please be merciful to all of Australia, but especially Sydney.

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

This morning while I was praying, our Lord Jesus appeared looking very happy. He said, “On this Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul, it should be a very joyful day. All of Heaven is celebrating these holy Apostles that I chose on earth. And you know, they all pray for you on earth. They pray for your faith so that you will retain your faith.”

I said, “That is so beautiful that we have support from Heaven! Oh, thank you, St Peter and St Paul, and all the holy Apostles and all Heavenly people for praying for us. We appreciate this.”

I felt really good knowing Heaven is thinking of us and praying for us and that we are not alone.

Our Lord hears all our Prayers

Today, with the help of my friend Maria, I was answering the many email letters I receive from people reading the messages. Our Lord Jesus appeared. Smiling and, in a teasing manner, He said, “Valentina, you are very popular! You receive many emails from people, and people would love to be able to speak to you. They wish they could come to be near you to ask you for personal help and to answer their questions.”

Our Lord continued, “I Am very happy and pleased that you and Maria are helping many people. You do not know how much it means to them. Always give them hope and consolation, which they need. Also, tell people that I Am with you and Maria when answering all their questions, and I know each person and what they ask. When you offer each of them to Me, that pleases Me very much. Tell them I will answer their requests all in good time. Tell them to be patient and to trust and to pray.”

“I bless you all. Be at peace,” He said.

I said, “Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being with us and for helping us.”

As much as we think that God doesn’t know about us and our problems, He is always with us, and He never abandons us; we need to trust Him. Maybe He needs some suffering from each of us that we can offer Him. Only He knows why He needs this from us. So, keep praying and trusting in our Lord, and do not fear.

Honour My Precious Blood in this Month of July

This morning while I was praying, Lord Jesus came and said, “My child Valentina, I want you to honour My Precious Blood in this month of July. You will console Me, and you will benefit by doing so, and tell all My faithful children to do the same.”

“Ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood, in these critical times that you are all going through. Even the Coronavirus I can stop if you pray daily. But I tell you, the governments and society place so much fear and pressure on all the people.”

“I want you to offer Me all your suffering that you all go through, especially not attending the Holy Masses due to the locking down of all My churches.”

Our Lord shook His Head and said, “This should not happen! This is all planned by the evil society. I want you to remain faithful to Me and to pray daily so that soon I will change things for the better. You will see!”

“Trust Me,” He said, “I, your Lord, have spoken the true Holy Word.”

I said, “Lord, please help. We love You, but we also have fear.”

He replied, “You should not have fear when you trust in Me.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Our Lord Jesus Sings to give us Courage

When I was saying my prayers in the morning, our Lord Jesus appeared. He was dressed in a white robe with a red sash. This is the month of His Precious Blood. He said, “I have to give you courage so that you won’t be sad, especially because you cannot attend the Holy Mass today.”

Suddenly our Lord started to sing in a most beautiful, high pitch voice:

“Oh come, oh come to receive My Body.
It is the real flesh,
And drink My Chalice, which is real blood,
And I will nourish you and give you life.”

Our Lord was so joyful and cheerful when He was singing these beautiful words. It was such a beautiful melody. He continued to sing:

“Oh come to Me, oh come to Me, so freely,
and so precious is My gift to you all,
and all the world is worthless
without My Body and without My Precious Blood.

So, do not be afraid,
It is only Me who can do this, and no one else.
So, be at peace and call Me to come,
And to nourish you spiritually.”

“Have faith in Me.”

Our Lord then smiled.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us courage and do not abandon us.