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By Valentina Papagna

July 14 thru July 26, 2021

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Little Boy Jesus Showing all the Dirt in the World

It was about ten o’clock in the evening when the Little Boy Jesus appeared. Angels surrounded Him. He looked so beautiful. He held a scroll, quite large, that looked like it was made of an unusual bronze-like paper.

I watched how our Lord was showing the angels all the dirt here in Australia and the world. He was showing them how dark brown and black and ugly it is. He said to them, “Nothing changes in the world. People just don’t want to change! I don’t know what to do with this humanity! Nobody turns to Me!”

He unrolled the scroll and held it with both His Holy Hands, and said, “Look at it! It is all written. I can help them, I can heal them, but they don’t want Me. I just don’t know what to do with them. They want to live in the dirt. How long will it take for humanity to wake up and turn to Me? They find every excuse, even using injections, except turning to Me! I don’t know what to do!”

Exasperated, our Lord just rolled up the scroll and said, “I have no choice. I will just leave it the way it is. Let them stay the way they are, in the dirt.”

There are not enough people praying, for this situation in the world to change. People completely ignore God, they don’t mention Him, they don’t want Him, and they do everything without Him.

Open the Doors of My Churches

In the afternoon, I was praying the Holy Rosary. I prayed so that this virus would be lifted.

Lord Jesus appeared and said, “It is such a crisis in the world. Valentina! If the doors of My churches would open, the people would flood in, because they are desperate now. They are in a desperate situation, and they live in fear. But if they would come into My churches, even if they carry something on them, instantly I will heal them. Nobody would be sick because they would be in My Holy Presence, and I would heal everyone.”

I said, “Thank you, Lord, I wish they would open the churches, but they do not want to.”

Let us pray and offer all our sufferings to our Lord, so that our churches will soon be open.

All the Church Bells will Ring at the same time

When I prayed this morning and offered all the petitions to my Lord Jesus, especially for the churches because we are not able to go to the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus came almost immediately.

He said, “My Valentina, I just want to tell you, now My churches are very badly persecuted within My Mystical Body. Sadly, it will get worse before I will raise Her up. My churches are betrayed, crucified and wounded, and they need to be healed. I suffer, and My Church has to go through the suffering right now, but never defeated. Do not lose hope, for I shall raise Her to the Most High, and She will be victorious; pure, clean without any stain or wrinkle, She will be spotless.”

“The whole world will know when this will happen. All the bells will ring at the same time and give glory all the way to Heaven, to their Master and King Jesus Christ. The bells will be a sign to you all to tell you that My Church has come out of her persecution and suffering.”

Joyously, Jesus said, “Such a Joy! Such a Joy!”

“Then all the glory will come to Me. People will praise Me and thank Me, and there will be no more closed doors to My people. The Church door will be open all day and night, and I shall sweep away all the evil enemy for good. Everyone will know that My churches are Holy and that they belong only to Me, your Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Pray for this to come soon,” said our Lord as He smiled.

I said, “Lord, this is very happy news.”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and then showed me in a vision all over the world all the church bells ringing, in such a beautiful melody that they reached all the way to Heaven, and a wonderful peace and happiness descended upon the people on earth.

What a joy it will be when this comes. Our Lord Jesus tries to encourage us in these times of suffering, for us not to lose hope.

Let us pray for this to come soon.

God the Father Gives us Hope

When I prayed this morning, the angel appeared to me and said, “I am the angel of the Lord. He wants you to come with me. The Lord God wants to explain to you about things you do not know.” Accompanied by the angel, we suddenly found ourselves walking through the beautiful heavenly Garden, and I could see God the Father sitting there, on a most elegant bench. He was dressed in exquisite purple garments.

He looked towards me and said, “My daughter, sit down next to Me.” I sat down on the bench next to God the Father. He said, “I brought you here to Me so that I can talk to you and explain to you, things about the Coronavirus, and I want to tell you how you have all been suffering and you are persecuted, and you are not free anymore. You are all very sad and depressed. You no longer have freedom.”

God the Father continued, “All My children are in jail, by the way they are treated unjustly by the government. A lot of My children think that I, your Father desert you. No, My children! I hear your pleas and cries all the way to Heaven, and I Am also with you when you suffer, and I give you strength so that you can go through each day, through these horrible diseases, made by the evil men.”

“My daughter Valentina, I want you to tell My children on earth to continue to pray and to persevere because soon this will get better. I have to intervene before you all lose hope. I know how fragile and weak you are My children, and you soon give up your will to life. Many of My children already have done that; they have suicided. That breaks My Heart to see you suffering. I give you free will to life, but the new laws they make, they go above Me. They want to control you; that is why I want to tell you My daughter, write all this that I Am telling you, and give to people hope in Me, your loving Father, and tell them not to lose hope because I Am always with you, and I hear your plea and cry. Be courageous and pray. Soon it will get better.”

Thank you, my Father for the good news. Please protect us, Amen.

He said again, “That is why My daughter I brought you here to give you happy news.” He was smiling as He said this to me.

I was so very upset the night before with all the restrictions imposed upon us. God the Father knowing how I was feeling, lovingly looked at me and said, “My daughter Valentina, above all people, you should have more faith in Me, and you are very sad and depressed too.”

I said, “I am sad because I cannot go to church, that is why.”

He said, “Do you know? That is why I have brought you here so that you can see Me and be happy, and I want to tell you that you will again go to people and share My Holy Word with them. You will see. Be courageous and trust Me, and don’t give up so easily!”

Thank you, God the Father, please help us soon. We love You, and we thank You, don’t abandon us.