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By Valentina Papagna

March 7 thru March 18, 2021

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The Time is Now

Today I was invited into the home of a very beautiful family for a prayer group gathering. They invited many faithful people and me to share the Holy Word of God.

Almost immediately as I entered the home, I could see our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother; they were present, smiling and happy. Our Lord smiled and said, “My child, with the joy in My Sacred Heart, I want to tell you how happy it makes Me and My Mother to see you all gathering in a group to share My Word, and I bless you all, and you all receive many special graces.”

“I also want to tell you that now I am separating my sheep from the wolves, and I am gathering my faithful flocks and placing them into groups so that they can pray for the conversion of sinners. I also want to tell the world that I give humanity a very limited time now. I want them to come back to God, to pray, to convert and to repent. There is not much time. The time that is given is very limited. The time is now. It is no longer far away,” said our Lord.

I thank You, Lord Jesus, for the special graces You give to us. Lord have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Time is Fast Approaching when our Lord will Intervene

During the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Tell people, soon I will intervene very powerfully in the world. I Am now preparing for My intervention and to show humanity how the world is deceived by the devil.”

“He gives them false promises, and He leads them to confusion and darkness. I Am the Light and the Truth and the Life. It will shock many when they see their state of life that they were leading. Tell people to change and to repent and not to wait until the last minute. For the time is approaching, very fast. I, the Lord, have spoken the True Holy Word.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

In the evening, while I was praying at home, and after attending Holy Mass and the Rosary Cenacle Prayers, the Blessed Mother came, and she kept reminding me, now during Lent, to meditate on the sufferings of our Lord Jesus, how much He suffered for all humanity.

While praying, suddenly, a beautiful vision came. A brilliant light appeared so bright, brighter than the sun.

In this light, I could see our Lord Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, and all the Apostles were around Him. Our Lord was wearing a long white robe, and He was talking to the Apostles, who were all closely gathered around Him. He spoke to them for a while and then left them.

I could see all the Apostles sitting down on the ground, surrounded by shrubs and small trees. I clearly recognised St Peter amongst the group. They were sitting under one of the small trees, on the side of this little narrow country road leading to the Garden, all in one long line, and St Peter was the first in line. They were all talking to one another. I don’t think they knew what was to happen after this.

Now I see our Lord Jesus kneeling and resting His elbows on the rock, with His Hands held in prayer. He would look up, raising His gaze to Heaven. He looked so sad. Then I could see how He started to be in agony, and then He spoke to me.

Our Lord said, “What I went through, if only humanity would think of Me and tell Me they love Me, it would console Me so much, and I would forget My suffering that I went through. Instead, they offend Me and reject Me and My agony increases daily. Tell people to change. I Am willing to forgive everyone and embrace them. I Am the God of Love and Mercy.”

“I also want to tell you that from now on, many things will change and happen in the world, and people may not have time to ask Me to forgive them. It is always better to be in a State of Grace and repentant, and in that way, your conscience is clean,” He said.

“Valentina, My child, don’t be afraid to speak the Truth, for I Am always with you to protect you. Be My witness and listen only to Me. I love you. Be at peace,” He said.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us here on earth.

Misbehaving in Church during Holy Mass

During the night, I went through a lot of suffering. The angel came and took me to visit some souls. These souls were waiting in front of churches here on earth. I saw a large gathering of women, so many of them and some men were amongst them. Some of them were in wheelchairs, but they all had bandages. Some had their hands bandaged, others their heads or their legs. They all looked like they were crippled.

I asked the angel, “What did they do to themselves?”

The angel answered, “They did many evil things with either their hands or feet or head while they were alive, so now they must suffer a lot. What I show you here, offer to our Lord and ask Him to be merciful to them. They have been suffering for a long time.”

Whatever sin they committed on earth, that part of the body is now in bandages, and they have to suffer.

In a different area, we came across another group of souls. Some of them laughing and jumping around, doing silly things, as if performing in a comedy act, but no one was taking notice of them. All these souls looked very sickly. As part of their suffering, for their terrible and sinful behaviour while they were alive, they must repeat these actions and performances over and over again. It is their penance.

The angel explained, “See, that was their behaviour during holy mass in the church. They were misbehaving, not paying attention during holy mass. Now they cannot keep still; they have to keep moving like clowns.”

Whatever irreverent behaviour they were displaying while they were in church, they now have to repeat over and over.

All these souls were begging me to help them. Today I offered them all to our Lord at Holy Mass. Lord have mercy on their souls.

Feast of St Joseph

This morning while I was praying, St Joseph appeared after I saw Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus. He looked so beautiful and young and was wearing all white with only a little trimming of purple, not too deep in colour, all around the edges of his garment. He was quite tall, with fair skin and short, dark hair, and his face was all radiant and glowing with holiness. His skin was so beautiful. He was so happy and joyful.

He said, “Valentina be happy. We are all praying for you in Heaven. You belong to our family, the Holy Family, and I know you suffer, but nothing is in vain. We love you so much and be courageous, and spread the Holy Word of Jesus. The world is very bad and very sinful, so you must talk to people. So, do not be afraid. We are all praying for you, we all love you, and we are all thinking of you.”

St Joseph has the privilege, he is the foster-father of our Lord Jesus, and he loves Him so much, and he took care of our Lord.

St Joseph stayed with me and talked for a while. He said, “Do not be afraid, offer everything up to our Lord and do not be depressed. The world is bad, but it will get better. You will see. Have faith and have trust in our Lord. Proclaim the Word of Jesus. Do not be afraid, and do not listen to everything because not everything is the truth. There are a lot of lies, and there is a lot of evil now. But there is also a lot of hope.”

At that moment, I felt that we are more united with Heaven, especially at this time. Heaven is very united to the world. Heaven wants people to pray. The connection is much greater now than before because as time passes, as the world becomes worse, Heaven moves closer.

St Joseph, protect our families and pray for us.