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By Valentina Papagna

August 8 thru August 25, 2021

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Trust in Our Lord

In the morning, while I was praying, I was taken by an angel to Purgatory. We came to a place where there were many apples. We both started picking up the apples and placing them in large containers.

After a while, the angel then said, “We are almost finished.”

“This is all the fruit you have produced, through all your suffering, since the time you could no longer go to Church,”

I continued to suffer in my leg for the Holy Souls, but I could not take them with me to Holy Mass due to all the Churches being closed.

Quite pleased, the angel said, “Look how much fruit you have produced and how beautiful they are!”

After we finished, we left this place. Then the angel and I walked down a little way, and there we came across a group of ladies. I saw people that I know are still alive, and they were all around the Altar.

I was going to offer them the apples. I said to the angel, “I know one of the ladies, and I know she serves Holy Communion.”

With all my heart, I wanted to say hello to her and said, “Come here, I will give you some apples.”

But the lady did not take much notice of me and just proudly walked away, as did the other ladies. This was for me to see them and that when these ladies die, they will have to suffer in Purgatory.

We then came to another place, and there I could see what looked like a minibus, the door was open, and I could see a group of people inside. I stopped there, as I thought they were souls that need help, but the angel warned me and said, “Just listen to what you are going to hear, but be careful and do not fear for I am with you, but you are going to be approached by a lie.”

I asked them, “Are you people in Purgatory? I can help you.”

They did not answer me but said, “We were waiting for you because we want to tell you to leave us alone and to stop offering the world to Him because He has got nothing to do with it. The world is ours, and we are in charge of it.”

I realized these people were demons. I said, “Yeah, all the evil things that you are doing, you are nothing! “

All of a sudden, a big lady appeared next to me, with some other people behind her, and she said, “Who do you think you are telling people about Him? Him!”

“You keep offering all the things to Him, and you said, for the Coronavirus to get better in the world. It will not get better. Just to let you know, we are in charge of the world, not Him. We are going to do what we want to do!”

Holding some grain of dirt in my hand, I said to her, “Listen to me, I don’t care who you are or what you are. Do you see this little grain of dirt? That is what you are. Nothing! Nothing is done without God. The evil Coronavirus wouldn’t move or spread, and people would not be able to live if God did not permit it, but all you want to do is put fear in people.”

The lady was listening to me and then said, “Leave us alone! We know what we are doing. We are in charge of the world. Stop praying for the world.”

On purpose, I offered the whole world to our Lord.

The angel then said to me, “Do you see how the lies are spread everywhere now. They [demons] are in control of this earth now.”

The angel said, “Fear not and don’t worry, because most of the people in the world today are lying.”

I wasn’t fearful. I was telling all of them how God is powerful.

I said to the angel, “One thing that our Lord taught me and showed me is that I would always praise Him no matter who comes, even if they threaten to take my life. I would praise our Lord and tell them how powerful and holy He is.”

The angel said, “That is good; you have strong faith in our Lord.”

The angel then brought me home.

Later that evening, I said to our Lord, “Lord, how am I going to go to Church if it comes to that, that we have to show that we have been vaccinated?”

Our Lord smiled and said, “I will make you invisible. You have to trust Me, be patient, trust a little longer, you will see.”

Our Lord knows all.


Warning for Australia

Our Lord Jesus said today, “As you move towards Spring and Summer, you can see that there is not much rain in Australia. It is going to be very dry and very hot, and a lot of fires. That will be something to worry about! They will forget about Coronavirus. Hot, dry and no water.”

Unless we pray to our Lord.

Our Lord said, “The devil never sleeps; he keeps planning what he is going to do next.”


No Virus in Shopping Centre

I went shopping at my local shopping center. I said my rosaries and prayed, “Lord, please protect me and bless all the people.”

While walking to a few of the stores, our Lord said to me, “Look, I guarantee you there is no Coronavirus in the shopping center, none of them [the people] is a carrier. There is none in the whole suburb either. Be at peace. I Am with you. I will protect you.”

I bought a few items and went out quickly. I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and I was so happy I thanked the Lord. I said, “I thank You Lord for the beautiful day, and I know You look after people and all that, and I am so happy.”

When I came home and turned on the news, they said that the suburb I visited is a hotspot for the Coronavirus.

I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I know one hundred percent that they are lying.’

I said to our Lord, “Lord, did You hear that?”

We have to trust in our Lord.


The Assumption of our Lady

During the night, I suffered severe pain that I hardly slept. About six o’clock in the morning, after the pain started to ease, I fell asleep. Not long after, the angel appeared. He came with a big bunch of white flowers. As spring is coming, the bunch looked like cut branches with beautiful white blossom flowers on each branch.

The angel said, “Jesus sent them to you to thank you for offering your suffering you had all night.”

I said, “Oh, thank you very much, but I am supposed to give flowers to Him, not Him give to me.”

“No, He really appreciated that you accepted the suffering,” the angel said.

Many souls went to Heaven today because it is the Feast of Assumption of our Lady.

The pain I suffered was like a dog tearing your flesh off the bone. The pain is constant, and you don’t know what to do with it, tossing and turning. I get up and put holy water on it, but nothing helps. All night long till six o’clock in the morning, and then after that, I fell asleep a little bit. It is horrible, especially since I cannot go to Church for Holy Mass and offer all the souls to our Lord.

Since I cannot go to church, what I do now, I say, “Lord, wherever there is a Holy Mass and Church, maybe in Australia or maybe overseas, may the holy angels guide all the Holy Souls there and place them under the Altar while the Mass is being celebrated.”

Lord have mercy on the Holy Souls.


Honoring the Holy Trinity in the Sign of the Cross

Lately, our Lord has been giving me so much suffering. I did not sleep all night, until about six o’clock in the morning when the pain subsided. There were many, many suffering souls in my room.

This morning our Lord said to me, “Remember when Father Valerian was still alive, and one year you went with him to the Chrism Mass, and he told you to pick up the Chrism Oil.”

I said, “Lord, You know everything. That was a long time ago.”

He said, “Well, I will tell you something. When you received the Chrism Oil, a lady came to you and asked you to bless her with the Anointing of the Sick Oil. You opened up the oil, and you dipped your thumb in it and put a little Sign of the Cross on her forehead, and you asked Me to heal her. All of a sudden, all these other people also wanted a blessing, and you kept giving them the blessing.”

I remember when this happened in the 1990s, and at that time, another lady came up to me and said, “Valentina, you can’t do that! You’re not supposed to do that. They are Chrism Oils. They have to go to the Church.”

Anyway, I think I blessed about thirty people and then stopped after this lady told me that I was not supposed to do this. Afterwards, I felt a little afraid and guilty.

Father Valerian gave me a lift home because I came with him. I said to him in the car, “Father Valerian, I have to tell you and confess to you; all of a sudden, this lady came to me and said she was not feeling well and asked if I could bless her with the holy oil. I did so, but maybe I shouldn’t have done that. All of a sudden other people wanted a blessing as well. More and more people came, I think at least thirty.”

Smiling, Father Valerian said, “You did the right thing.”

This morning our Lord reminded me of this event with the Chrism Oil. I stood in front of Him. He was seated and held a little bottle of oil and said, “Dip your thumb in this oil, and place the Sign of the Cross on My Forehead.”

I said, “Lord, on You! You are supposed to bless me, not I bless you.” I really hesitated to put the Sign of the Cross on our Lord.

He said, “Yes, but this is a teaching about something you don’t know yet, about why you have to bless Me.”

I then proceeded to place the Sign of the Cross with my thumb on our Lord’s Forehead. As I did so, I said, “In the Name of the Father.”

Our Lord then interrupted me and said, “Now, bow down, right down, then rise up.”

I did as our Lord instructed, and then I continued and placed another Sign of the Cross on our Lord’s Forehead while saying, “And of the Son.”

Again, our Lord interrupted me and said, “Bow down again, right down and rise up.” I again went right down, genuflecting and bowing my head.

I then blessed our Lord a third time with the Sign of the Cross while saying, “And of the Holy Spirit.”

Our Lord said, “Bow right down again.” I did so.

“This is a teaching that I Am showing you. By allowing you to place the Sign of the Cross on Me, I Am teaching you how powerful it is when you do this, when a priest does this, or anyone can do this. Because, in this way, you give such a great honor to the Holy Trinity,” He said.

“And would you like to know some other good news?”

I listened intently to what our Lord was about to reveal to me.

He said, “Those people you blessed that time long ago and anointed them with the Holy Oil from the Chrism Mass, I healed them all. They all carried some kind of sickness in them, and I healed them all.”

So overjoyed with our Lord’s goodness, I said, “Oh, that is so beautiful, Lord.”

He said, “See how present I Am. This will teach you that when you go around to people and bless them in this way, you honour the Holy Trinity. There is such a power in this, and so much healing comes from this.”

Our Lord said, “Even when priests bless people, they just make a quick Sign of the Cross, rush, rush. They don’t know the meaning of how powerful is the Holy Cross.”

Thank You, Lord, for teaching us.


They Tell You Lies

Today my grandson came out of his room, looking really worried. He was listening to the latest news from our Premier and said, “Gladys said not to go out of the house. She said to stay home!”

At that moment, my sister called me, also just as worried and said the same thing, “You have to stay home! Stay indoors!”

Instantly our Lord said to me, “Not today. We are going out today!” Our Lord laughed when He said this. Immediately I felt at peace.

He said, “There is no Coronavirus in M. There is no virus around you. They keep counting the same numbers. They keep going over and over the same people to instill fear in people. Now you can see how many lies they tell you.”


More Prayer is needed before Holy Mother can cover Australia with her Mantle

Blessed Mother said, “Tell my children, do not be upset. Be courageous. I want to cover the whole of Australia and especially the state of New South Wales with my Holy Mantle, to protect you from all this evil; the diseases and the evil that is threatening you.”

With urgency, she said, “But I need much more prayer to come to Heaven.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for your holy protection.


Queenship of Blessed Mother

Blessed Mother appeared as our Lady of Pontmain, France

After excruciating suffering all night for Holy Souls, I started to pray in the morning. Suddenly, the roof of my house disappeared, and a breathtaking vision appeared—a very beautiful vision of Blessed Mother Mary most Holy. Blessed Mother was dressed all in white, with a very pale blue mantle and white veil.

I stopped to watch Blessed Mother; she was very high up on the horizon. She was standing above the roof of a house. Then she was moving, quite frequently, from one part to another and pointing to the places to me that she was standing and walking over.

A moment later, I could see two white doves appear, one on either side of her. I said, “Oh, My Holy Mother, I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me. I wish I had a camera; I would take a photo of you. Oh, how beautiful you look.”

She was so alive, moving from one part to another.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus appeared very close to me and whispered in my right ear, “This is a vision of My Holy Mother. She is telling you and showing you when she appeared in Pontmain in France. At that time, she came to warn the people of trouble starting and the need to pray the Holy Rosary to her.”

“She is the Mother of Hope,” said our Lord.

“Like you are now, you are all controlled and restricted by the Government. You are in trouble, all of you! Place all your hope in My Holy Mother’s hands, and she will help you and intercede for you. Pray to her and say, “Mother of Hope, help us!”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your Holy Mother.

I tell you nothing will ever help us in these serious times unless we turn to God and we pray. This is the only way, the only solution.


Tell My faithful children to pray more than ever before

This morning when I prayed and glorified the Lord and offered all my prayers for the protection of people from the Coronavirus, I asked our Lord, “When will this get better, Lord? You promised that it would soon happen through people’s prayers.”

Suddenly our Lord Jesus appeared smiling and said, “I know you are all sad and depressed, the way you are controlled, and there is no more freedom, but I come to bring happy news. In two months, I shall make all things beautiful again. All will be anew. Tell My faithful children to pray more than ever before. I need more prayers to come to Me to break this evil.”

Our Lord smiled and then departed.

This message is very promising but what our Lord really means is that it is Heavenly time and not our time. In my heart, I understood that could mean in two year’s time, and not in two month’s time. We have to continue to have faith in Him and to trust in Him and pray. He needs a lot of prayers. He comes to give us hope.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving us hope.