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By Valentina Papagna

September 8 thru September 20, 2021

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The Little Boy that Went Missing

A few days ago, it was reported in the news that a little three-year-old boy went missing from his home in bushland in outer Sydney. When I heard the little boy was lost, I offered my prayers for him and his family.

I asked Blessed Mother Mary, Most Holy, “Please Blessed Mother protect the child, and I consecrate him to your Immaculate Heart.”

Three days after he went missing, the boy was found, with only a few scratches. Many people were praying for this little boy.

This morning, after my prayers, Blessed Mother Mary came smiling and said, “The little boy is fine. My angels took good care of him and protected him. They talked to him and played with him. At night they put him in a safe place under a rock away from the cold weather, and they blessed him so he could have a peaceful sleep. The angels stayed with him and guarded him. They then lead him to a pond to have a drink of water and to a visible spot so that people could find him.”

Blessed Mother said, “Thank you to all the people who prayed for him. Now the family is more united in prayer.”

I said, “Thank you, my beautiful Mother, for the little boy you protected.”

She said, “He is a very special miracle child. If he could talk, he would tell of his beautiful experiences with the angels.”

I said, “Thank you, Blessed Mother and holy angels, for protecting the little boy.”


I Am Omnipotent and Almighty God, and I can Change Things

This morning when I prayed, I consecrated myself, my family and all the people to the united Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary.

Our Lord Jesus appeared and said, “I come to tell you and to give you hope and to remind you not to fear the constant threats from the government and all the false things they try to put into people’s heads to make them believe.”

“I tell you, you are now very much controlled and threatened by the government, and they try to force people to obey the ‘law’. Oh, how I wait for My people to see and to understand how society forces you to believe and tells you, that you are not safe unless you take the injection.”

“I tell you they are all lying to you,” said the Lord.

“This is just an excuse so that they can know everything about you. You are not free anymore but controlled by evil people; how I beg you to change and to repent to come to Me, to the safe Refuge.”

“I also remind you, fear not, I Am always protecting you.”

“You must remember that I Am Omnipotent and Almighty God, and I can change things. Have faith in Me, pray and trust Me.”


Feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross

Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came and said, “Tell my children to be courageous in this time that you live. I see my poor children are agitated, nervous and unsettled in their daily lives, full of fear because you are all now so strongly controlled by many evils, and you also lose hope to live. The governments are constantly threatening you because of the Coronavirus.”

“Tell my children that I, your Mother wants you to be in peace. Don’t worry about the Coronavirus so much. The way it came, that is the way it will disappear, and it will be in the past. Nothing lasts forever. Remember that,” she said.

“The most important thing now is for you to pray. I am among you, and I never leave you. The most important thing is to find Jesus in your life and return to Him, for He is the Saviour. He is the Way, and the Truth and the Life.”

“I also want to tell you, many events will come, and you will all experience them, but they will pass quickly, however God remains forever. For this, I ask you, and to remind you to remain faithful to my Son Jesus and me.”

“We love you so much.”

In a vision, I saw the Holy Cross. Blessed Mother said, “Make an Altar and arrange it with flowers for my Son. He suffers so much for being so rejected by humanity. Tell everyone to repent of their sins. If you arrange all that I showed you, you will console my Son greatly. Tell Him that you love Him.”

I said, “Thank you, my Mother Mary Most Holy.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

Set against a wall I could a little square table. I placed a white tablecloth on the table. Lying on the side was a wooden Cross about half a metre in length. Blessed Mother instructed me to place the Holy Cross on the table. I did so, leaning it against the wall. I then placed some beautiful greenery and flowers all around the Cross. Blessed Mother was standing there watching me as I put fresh flowers of different colours, white, purple and blue and lots of fresh greenery around the Holy Cross.

Thank you, Blessed Mother for giving us hope and leading us to your Son Lord Jesus.


Through prayer I can stop and change the Plans of the Evildoers

This morning when I prayed, as I do every morning, I consecrated my family and all the people to the united Hearts of Jesus and Mother Mary and to all the angels and saints in Heaven to protect us.

Blessed Mother taught me, that during these times when evil is strong, each day we must consecrate and ourselves, our families and friends, to the united Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This is our protection.

While praying the consecration, the angel came and took me to Heaven to meet God the Father. God the Father was seated and wearing a long white robe. He greeted me, saying, “Greetings, My daughter! I have been longing to converse with you. I also want to tell you that many evil people are planning a lot of evil on earth. They are planning horrible things on earth.”

God the Father continued, “Also, I want to tell you that the Government of Australia is controlling you. The Government is trying to scare you with the Coronavirus, but I tell you that will pass. What I want to tell you that is more important right now is that China is planning many evil things for Australia and the United States. Australia is very much on their mind. They want to invade many countries, but Australia is on their mind because it has many resources and minerals.”

“But that is only if I permit it to happen. If they were to come, they would inflict harm and take charge of the Australian people. You would be controlled severely.”

I asked, “Father, which is worse? Being controlled under the Australian Government now, or under the Chinese?”

God the Father smiled and politely answered, “My daughter, to tell you the truth, none of the governments that rule now in the world are good. They are all corrupt, and they are under the influence of an evil society which tells them what to do. See, My daughter, I place governments in every country to do good for their people and to help them and to stand for the Truth. Instead, they turn away from Me, the Creator and disobey My Commandments. They obey the evil, and they want to be powerful because they have much ego and pride.”

“Another thing I want to tell you is about the leader of North Korea. It is constantly playing on his mind to push the button of his rocket. My children, there are many threats to you, and I tell you, the evil never sleeps; it constantly plans to destroy. These are My warnings to you and to tell you to pray because through prayer, I can stop and change the plans of the evildoers.”

“Be courageous. I let you know, My children, I tell you and remind you to pray very much. It depends very much all on your prayers to stop all this evil.”

“I, your Father love you all very much.”



Don’t Ask Me for Australia Anymore

During my prayers, I placed a petition to our Lord Jesus and Holy Mother Mary, asking for Australia to be healed of the Coronavirus and for the restrictions to be lifted, especially on our churches.

Our Lord Jesus then came and said to me, “I come to tell you how disappointed I Am in Australia. Why do you always ask Me and beg Me to protect Australia and heal the people from the Coronavirus?”

“I will tell you how I despise Australia!”

Our Lord Jesus was really, really sad and angry.

He said, “I will tell you why. They turn their back on Me. You see how sad I Am, to the point that I can no longer look. It is so sinful a country, and nobody defends My Church nor stands for the Truth. I Am disappointed in my Bishops and My Priests. They all obey the evil law, and they keep silent.”

He said, “Valentina, My child, don’t ask Me for Australia anymore!”

Then our Lord closed His Eyes, and I could see His sadness and sense the anger in Him. Holy Lord Jesus put His Head down, and I could feel so much pain and agony in Him. I felt immensely sad and embarrassed standing in front of Him, and I had a deep pain in my heart for the Lord. I felt a very big pain.”

Later on, Blessed Mother came to me and said, “Did you see my Son, how sad He is, so sad to the point that He can no longer look at this sinful Australia?”

Blessed Mother talks about Australia because I pray for Australia, but I know this is for other countries as well. Lord Jesus is sad for all the countries that have turned away from Him.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.


Love is a Beautiful and Everlasting Gift

Our Lord Jesus said, “Would you like to know about My Love, when we lived on earth, Me and My Mother?”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and continued, “I love My Beloved Mother so much, and she loves Me so much in return. Our intimate love played a big part in our lives. We share our love to a point that unites us in one Love. Love never ends. It grows constantly; every person that is born inherits My Love. It is placed by God in every heart.”

Lord Jesus then smiled and said, “Valentina, who can measure My Love? No-one.”

“Love is a beautiful and everlasting gift,” He said.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the gift of your Divine Love.