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By Valentina Papagna

January 31 and February 6, 2022

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The Devil Wants Everyone to Receive the Injection

I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the afternoon when the devil appeared. He was very tall and all in darkness. He came carrying a frypan. I could see the frypan base still had the remnants of scrambled eggs. I thought to myself, ‘what is he doing with a frypan?’

The devil said, “See, nobody will stop me. Everybody will receive the injection until I scrape the last frypan; I will not stop. The whole world must accept the needle because I will then be in charge of them. They will all belong to me.”

I said to him, “Get out, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!”

He said, “You cannot stop me, and you should receive the needle yourself.”

I said, “Never!”

I called to our Lord and said, “Lord Jesus, please come and protect me. I will not obey anyone except You.”


1st Saturday of the month

Our Lord said I was with the Apostles when He spoke to them

In the morning, while I was praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and in particular the third mystery, the Descent of the Holy Spirit, I was meditating on the lives of our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother.

I said to our Lord, “Lord, that is so beautiful; meditating on the Holy Spirit means that if I were to ask You, would You send the Holy Spirit all over the whole world? If the Holy Spirit descended upon the world, everything would be beautiful, Lord, because everybody would then know You and love You.”

I said to our Lord, “Lord, just like You said to the Apostles, when the Apostles and Blessed Mother were together with You, in the upper room in Jerusalem, and You told them to wait till You go to Heaven and then You will send them something very powerful.”

Our Lord answered, “Yes, I told the Apostles that I would send them something more powerful, which is the Holy Spirit so that when they will receive the Holy Spirit, they will preach My Holy Word and spread it throughout the whole world.”

Then out of the blue, He said to me, “You will probably be shocked by what I am going to tell you now. Do you know that you were already there among the Apostles when I was speaking to them?”

I was shocked by what He said to me. I said, “Lord, that was two thousand years ago! How could I be there?”

Our Lord answered, “In My Wisdom, you were already there, and you are part of all of this. You are part of the prophesying of My Holy Word.”

I was completely surprised and excited but at the same time full of humility when our Lord revealed this to me.

I said to our Lord, “Who can go above You, My Lord? No one! You are full of mysteries and beautiful wonders. I thank You, Lord, and I love You.”

In His Wisdom, our Lord already knew for all of us who will come and who will belong to Him. We are all His children, and He chose us to be His; He chose prophets and the apostles and priests. So, at that moment, our Lord made a Covenant between Heaven and Earth to spread His Holy Word and teach people until the End of Times.


Imposter Priests and Bishops Should Not Serve Me

Today, at Holy Mass, when I offered all the priests and bishops and Pope Francis, I also offered as many priests and bishops that I could think of by name, but there was a slight blockage that prevented me from offering some of them to our Lord.

Even though there was a blockage, which I could feel in my heart, I still offered them.

Our Lord immediately said, “There are many imposters at My Altar, and they should never serve Me. They are everywhere.”

I asked, “Lord, here in this church?”

He said, “They are everywhere, and they should not serve Me.”