The Prophecies are coming to Fulfilment

By Valentina Papagna

February 24 thru March 4, 2022

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The Prophecies are coming to Fulfilment

During my prayers and suffering, the angel came and took me to Purgatory, where we visited suffering Souls.

Once we finished with the Souls, we came to a road where we met another angel. Next to this angel, I noticed a trolley with a long handle. The angel held the handle, and upon the trolley sat a shiny silver-coloured trunk, about a metre in length and half a metre high.

With curiosity, I asked this angel, “What have you got there?”

The angel was very happy and said, “Would you like to know what is in here, in this trunk? They are all your prophecies. All of them are here in this trunk. All your prophecies are now fulfilling. They are all coming true.”

On top of the trunk, I noticed a wide deep-red strip right across it. I said to the angel, “Oh, what does the red stripe represent?”

He answered, “It represents the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, and it also represents the blood people are shedding in the world.”


Cenacle Prayer Group

During the prayer of the Holy Rosary, the Blessed Mother Mary came and said, “My children, I come to remind you and ask you if you would offer this Rosary just for the war which has started in Ukraine.”

“So much suffering and misery for the whole nation. Russia has caused people to live in fear and confusion. There is bloodshed already, and if it continues, many will die, and there will be so much misery.”

“This war was not necessary. Let me remind you that the devil never sleeps but is constantly planning evil. Pray, my children, pray.”

“My heart as a mother grieves so much for my poor children. I want to tell you that the Archangel Michael and his helpers are fighting the evil there right now. But we need your help and offering of many Rosaries to stop this war. Otherwise, this war can easily spread to other nations, and that will be tremendous suffering.”

With a gentle smile and the soft voice of a young girl, she said, “My daughter, I can’t see you. You’re right at the back. Come closer to me so that I can see you when I talk to you.”

I replied, “Blessed Mother, I don’t like to make myself important.”

She said, “It is not that you are important, but I like to see you.”

Blessed Mother would like that I sit near the front closer to her Statue during the Cenacle Prayers.


I Am in Charge of the Weather

Our Lord said to me, “Did you hear that? They say that the severe flooding [in Australia] is due to La Niña. Tell them to think again. It has nothing to do with La Niña. This is all My doing. I Am in charge of the weather and of Creation, and I shift and permit this to happen. This is to wake up people so that they will turn back to God and say, ‘We must do something to turn back to God because He is trying to show us something through the weather’. At the same time, it causes many problems and grievances; all of this is for good reason. The material you can always replace, but people are dying, and they are without God; they are as dry as anything in their soul. Spiritually they are dead.”

I said, “Lord, it looks like You closed the heavens and let all the water out.”

He said, “All the prophecy, what is foretold must be fulfilled. Tell My children to repent because I Am a merciful God. These are My Signs that I give them throughout the world through the weather. But tell people not to despair with all that you go through because these things are bound to happen. Always trust Me.”

Lord, be merciful to us, for we offend You.


Crying Souls from Ukraine

I suffered severe pain through the night, and I couldn’t sleep, and then I heard noises, and I saw the souls coming into my room, also, outside of my bedroom, beneath my window, I could hear such loud cries and lamenting. I could hear the cries of children, women and men. They spoke in what sounded like the Russian language. It was so horrible. I tried to dismiss the sounds, so I got up out of bed and sprinkled the window with Holy Water, but still, they were there.

Then our Lord spoke to me. He said, “Offer Me all that has happened now in Ukraine, the blood that has been spilt there, the sacrifice of their own lives for their land. I will accept the souls that you offer to me.”

I offered the souls to our Lord at Holy Mass. He then said, “Place all that is going on in Ukraine and with Russia and offer Me all the people who suffer there and who will continue to suffer by spilling their blood. This war was not necessary because it was the evil men who persisted for it to happen, and the innocent people had to suffer.”

“Pray, pray, pray so that peace will come to their land; otherwise, this war can spread further on, and this is very dangerous. Tell My children to offer some kind of sacrifices and prayers because the world is not certain; you are living in very confusing and dangerous times. What has now happened in Ukraine and Russia could affect every country in the world.” 

“Offer them at the foot of My Holy Altar, all the people that suffer and those that have died so that I can accept them. Continue to pray for them because prayer is very essential.”


Meditate on the Passion of Jesus

Today during the Holy Rosary prayers, the Blessed Mary appeared and said, “Now my children, now that you have entered Lent, just think of how much my Son Jesus suffered for all of you, to save you and to redeem you. Step by step, examine your conscience and be sorry that you offend Him. Confess often your sins and ask Him to forgive you.”   

“He is a merciful and loving God. Pray for the conversion of all sinners and pray for the world and be charitable to one another. Right now, this war between Russia and Ukraine is causing a lot of trouble and fear. But if you pray, anything can be stopped through your prayers.”

Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace, pray for us and pray for peace in the world.