For the Cenacle Rosary Prayer Group and for all Prayer Groups

By Valentina Papagna

April 29, 2022

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During the Cenacle Rosary, our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, Most Holy, both came and were present during the prayers.

They both smiled, and our Lord Jesus said, “We come to tell you that your prayer group is becoming much stronger. This is a grace given to you all. Appreciate each time you come together because this will not always be easy. Things are unfolding quickly, and many changes will happen even in the churches. They will suppress you more and tell you that prayer is not important and necessary anymore.”

“Pray now while you still have My Grace and My strong presence among you.”

Blessed Mother said, “My children, lose no hope. Continue to pray. Pray for non-believers and for the world. My children, this is the last battle between good and evil. Pray, my children everywhere, so that evil will be defeated. My Son is preparing a beautiful reign of peace that will soon come and descend on earth. We love you all, and we bless you, and we never abandon you. We are always present when you pray.”

Our Lord always comes to give us encouragement, that is, to give us courage to come to the prayer group.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary, Most Holy, please protect us.