How Powerful the Holy Mass Is

By Valentina Papagna

September 30, 2022

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Baby Jesus manifests during the Holy Mass

Father Chris celebrated Holy Mass today. During the Mass, as Fr Chris stood at the Altar, suddenly, in front of him, appeared Baby Jesus lying on the Altar facing the people. He was dressed in the most beautiful white garment. There were layers of this garment, with undergarments all in the purest white, covering the whole middle of the Altar. A brilliant glow enveloped Baby Jesus.

Beautiful angels with huge wings were on either side of the Altar, moving from right to left, stopping midway in front of Baby Jesus, prostrating themselves, glorifying our Lord. The angels were dressed all in gold to be presentable to honour our Lord.

Little Baby Jesus then said to me, “Valentina, I want to show you that I Am really and truly present at each Mass, and I want to show you that I immediately give you this vision because Fr Chris loves Me so much.”

Then, I watched as Baby Jesus miraculously transformed into a grown Man, and suddenly our Lord Jesus was standing in place of Fr Chris. The Altar disappeared. Our Lord stood there with His arms outstretched, in front of Him multitudes of Holy Souls, as well as those still alive, being offered to our Lord during the Holy Mass. He embraced them all.

He said, “What you offer Me before the Holy Mass and through the celebration of the Mass by Fr Chris, I embrace every one of them; those offered to Me who are still alive, I give them graces of healing and whatever they need. For those that are deceased, many of these souls went to Heaven.”

“I want to show you how powerful the Holy Mass is when offered by someone who is very sincerely participating in the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.”

I prayed, “Father Chris, may God bless you.”

I do not receive the grace to see this for every priest who celebrates the Holy Mass, but only for some, who are privileged and are amongst those who Jesus relies on to be His true shepherds.