Why Am I Not Acknowledged?

By Valentina Papagna

November 23, 2023

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Message from the Blessed Mother

When I prayed the Angelus at seven o’clock this morning, the Blessed Mother Mary, Most Holy, came dressed in the most beautiful pink outfit. She said, “I come to tell you, my daughter, how sad I am for the little acknowledgement they give you for my messages and teachings that I give to my children. I was pushed aside. The evil tried to destroy all my work that I established in this Church.”

Our Blessed Mother then gently turned her hands towards her heart, and said, “Am I not the same Mother that I speak to many of my children guiding everything, the same way I speak and teach my daughter Valentina for many years, but that you still don’t understand my teachings? She has been crucified so badly, and she suffers, but always she remains humble.”

“My children, don’t judge because you will be judged severely. The Messages are direct from Heaven and given to people for them to change, to convert, to repent and to make them a better person, and for them to come to know God and to come closer to Him.”

“It is very beneficial for your soul—to grow more spiritually, but woe to those who judge and condemn and ridicule, for you have already put judgement on yourselves, my children.”

“My children, be courageous and continue to pray. Don’t be discouraged. Because you are guided by Heaven, not by the world.”

“Valentina, my daughter, be courageous. No one can harm you. We are always with you. Spread the Holy Word to people to save a soul.

Comment: Some people are very quick to dismiss and condemn the messages from our Blessed Mother, but for other people, they are such a treasure—for them to convert and to find God—and are beneficial for their souls.

Thank you, Blessed Mother. Please guide us and protect us.