Immaculate Conception of Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy

By Valentina Papagna

December 8, 2023

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Immaculate Conception of Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy

During the prayers of the Cenacle Rosary, the Blessed Mother came. She said, “Today, my children, you come to console me on the Feast of My Immaculate Conception. In Heaven, they honour me as the Mother of My Son Jesus and love me. On earth, they should honour me even more, but instead, they talk so shamefully about my Immaculate Conception. They degrade me and compare me to the sinners of the world and even lower. How that offends my Son Jesus.”

“People question and wonder why there are many catastrophes happening all over the world. My Son Jesus permits this to happen. He wants people to repent of their sins.”

“Valentina, my daughter, be courageous and spread the Holy Word of God. The hot weather is not very pleasant, but trust my Son that it will change. Through prayer, offer your sacrifices to Him. He needs your consolation and to save souls.”

“We are always with you to protect you.”

Blessed Mother was with me all through the night while I was suffering. She told me many souls went to Heaven on the Feast of Her Immaculate Conception, but many still remain in Purgatory suffering. They need prayer and offerings.