My Church is Now Really Persecuted

By Valentina Papagna

December 20, 2023

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My Church is Now Really Persecuted

This morning, when I prayed the Angelus, the Holy Family suddenly appeared and came to visit me. I was utterly shocked to see Blessed Mother and St Joseph all in black.

The Blessed Mother wore a black dress—totally black; she even wore a black scarf tied around her head. The black attire made our Blessed Mother look pale, slight and thin.

St Joseph, also dressed all in black, was with Blessed Mother, holding Baby Jesus in his holy arms. Baby Jesus was beautiful and all in white.

I asked the Blessed Mother, “Blessed Mother, what happened to you? Why are you all dressed in black?”

She answered very sadly, “That is how humanity sees us now in the world.”

She said, “My children, this is the joyous time of the year. It should be the most joyous time in the world—that my Son came to live among you and to redeem you, but you reach, with your sin, to the highest peak. Everything is dark in the souls of my children. There is no remorse or repentance. Sadly, they compare us to that.”

“Now, my children, you offend God so much. Just look around and see how many disasters and catastrophes are happening and that people are experiencing, and that will continue to happen until humanity changes.”

Then she looked ever so sad and sorrowful again, saying, “Your sins now cover the entire world, and the world is totally in darkness.”

She repeated, “I am so sorrowful a Mother—I should be so joyous, but I am so sorrowful, full of sorrow. I cannot express my sorrow. Valentina, my daughter, please console us. Tell our children to pray and to console us.”

Later that day, I attended Holy Mass. During the Holy Mass, before going to receive Holy Communion, I usually offer Holy Communion for many other people and holy souls, but this time our Lord stopped me.

He said, “I don’t want you to offer Me anybody else, only for the Pope. Offer Me the whole Eucharist that you receive for the Pope. After that, go to the Chapel in front of the Blessed Sacrament and do reparation and pray for him, for what is happening in Rome.”

“Valentina, what I was telling you all this year, how My Church will be persecuted—now My Church is really persecuted, and it is going to get worse.”