Trust and Love Our Lord – He Will Always Protect You

By Valentina Papagna

December 3, 2023

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Trust and Love Our Lord – He Will Always Protect You

After coming home from a prayer gathering at Bridget’s house, I thanked our Lord for the beautiful afternoon of prayers and devotions and sharing the Holy Word of our Lord.

At the prayer gathering, some people also mentioned how we are now being more and more controlled.

Then, Lord Jesus appeared, saying, “Valentina, tell my people that there are more than 150 rules and revelations given to humanity on earth to control them.”

He smiled and said, “Mine are only 10! And they are easy to follow and remember. There is so much control and confusion now in the world—a real Babylon.”

“Tell My people to trust Me and to love Me. I shall always protect you and help you. My angels are always ready to follow you, to guide you on a daily basis, and to defend you from all evil snares. Be grateful and thankful to them.”

“Now more than ever, you need heavenly guidance and protection. These are the times that you must be alert. Pray very much so that the evil will not have power over you.”

“Pray for your brothers, the non-believers, for their salvation. Be kind to all and gentle and tell them, ‘Lord Jesus loves you very much.’ Give them hope in their life, and I will bless you for that. And your reward in Heaven will be great.”

“Make very simple preparations for My Coming in this Holy Advent.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all Your protection and for warning us.