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By Valentina Papagna

January 29 thru February 5, 2023

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Prayer Gathering at Friends’ House

Today we gathered at the home of Veronique and Eileen for prayers.

While we were praying the Cenacle Rosary, our Blessed Mother said, “My children, there is a reason why you were all gathered here in prayer at Veronique’s place. Allow me to use this prayer for the intention of the Late Cardinal Pell in anticipation of his funeral that will take place. This prayer will help against all evil that is planned for his funeral.”

Our Blessed Mother was very sad when she gave me this message.

Note: The Pontifical Funeral Mass for Cardinal George Pell was held in Sydney on 2 February 2023.


The Late Cardinal George Pell Appears

This afternoon I was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, which I offered for the Late Cardinal Pell. Suddenly, during my prayers, Cardinal Pell appeared in front of me. He was wearing black priestly vestments and he looked very happy.

Smiling, he said, “Thank you, Valentina, for thinking of me and praying for me.”

“Valentina, you are hated the same way they hated me. Do not be sad when people of this world reject you. Rejoice and be glad because your reward will be great in Heaven. Be courageous, spread to people the Holy Word of our Lord Jesus that He teaches you.”

“Our Lord Jesus will soon change the wicked world and punish all evil.”

Again, he said, “Be courageous and speak the truth and love our Lord Jesus.”

Thank you, Cardinal Pell, for warning us. Pray for us.


All of Australia Should Mourn Cardinal Pell

This morning when I said my prayers, the angel appeared and said, “Valentina, everyone in this nation (Australia) should mourn Cardinal Pell. He was the greatest man of faith and integrity, and people should not criticise him and condemn him, which is very evil of them.”

Lord, have mercy on them and let love always prevail.



Cardinal Pell received Great Strength from God through Prayer

During the Cenacle prayers, our Blessed Mother appeared and said, “Pray for Cardinal Pell. It was very disturbing the way people behaved at his funeral. For such a respectable person, there should not be demonstrations. I feel sorry for my wicked children for the way they behaved.”

“Permit me to use your prayers so God will have mercy over these evil people. I tell you the faith Cardinal Pell had; not one day would he be without pain or suffering, but he never complained. He accepted everything with love. He loved to pray and understood that he had to pray, as he knew it was the only solution. He received great strength from God through his prayers. Now his reward in Heaven is great. He resisted all the evil that was around him.”

“My children, prayer is the solution to everything.”


They are Secretly Planning a War

Today during Holy Mass, during the Offertory, our Lord said, “I want you to offer Me, Russia and Ukraine. It is for a very good reason that I ask you to do this for Me. I don’t want to put fear into you, My children, but between Russia, China and Ukraine, and other nations are also involved in this, they are secretly planning to start a war, and it is on the brink to start. They are planning this war secretly from all directions.”

“The other nations are not supporting this war, but they are aware of it, that it will start sooner or later, and they are preparing to defend themselves, but they are not telling the people the truth because people would panic.”

Our Lord said, “I try to warn you, My children, of the danger that is upon you. The only solution is that you have to pray. Prayer is the only solution. If enough people pray, this war may be stopped or mitigated, at least for the time being.”

We better listen to our Lord’s warning and pray that our Lord will place His Holy Hand over this world and protect us.