Pray for America

By Valentina Papagna

May 28, 2023

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Vision from an Angel

When I started to pray The Angelus this morning, the Angel appeared and said, “Valentina come with me. Our Lord Jesus wants to reveal to you not-so-very good news.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in an area where there were many houses. We began to pass through these houses, visiting many people. These people were very friendly, and we met even more people as we passed the houses. The Angel said, “These are all good people and prayerful.”

Suddenly another Angel appeared. He said, “Valentina, come with me. I want to show you some writings that our Lord Jesus wants you to see and to be revealed to you.”

We entered a house, and there I noticed a small table. The Angel then brought what looked like a bundle of folded, light bronze-colored newspapers and placed them on the table.

He said to me, “This is all bad, bad, bad news, nothing good!” The Angel said this to me as he leafed through the newspapers showing me all the headlines.

I could see a very thick underline at the end of many of the messages in these papers, emphasizing their importance. Between these messages, I could see a beautiful image of our Lord Jesus dressed in an all-red tunic. Our Lord looked sad. I tried to read what the messages were about, but I could not as the Angel quickly flicked through them.

The Angel said, “Every Commandment of God is broken, like a broken glass.” In a vision, the Angel showed me a broken glass and said, “See this glass, it is broken, and it goes into many pieces, and it cannot be mended any more. This place is doomed. People disobey God and offend Him so much.”

I started to worry, and I asked the Angel, “Where am I? What is the name of this place?”

The Angel answered, “This is America! America!”

I asked him, ‘What am I doing in this place?’

The Angel answered, “This is very serious and sad news. Pray for this nation.”

As we walked out of this house, out in the open, I noticed a beautiful old church to my right, not far from where we were standing. It was very old and made of stone.

I said to the Angel, “These are very nice and friendly people. Before I leave, I will come and say goodbye to these people.”

I asked the Angel, “Are these people alive, or are they souls?”

The Angel answered, “They are real people. They are alive.”

Suddenly a group of angels appeared, about six or seven of them. They were very friendly and said, “Valentina, we are going to teach you how we communicate with people using our hands and not by talking.”

The angels then happily taught me the hand signals they use to communicate with the souls.

After the teaching, I asked the angels, “All is good, but what is the name of this town?”

In one voice, they all answered, “Milwaukee! We are the Angels that protect this place and the people. Pray for them.”

Thank you, Holy Angels. Lord Jesus, have mercy on America.

I am only the messenger of our Lord and delivering this message. Please pray for this nation.