God the Father speaks about the Pride of Humanity

By Valentina Papagna

June 9, 2023

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God the Father speaks about the Pride of Humanity

Towards the morning, the angel appeared and directed me to Heaven. Suddenly we found ourselves in Heaven in the presence of God the Father.

He was sitting on a long simple bench. He was wearing a beautiful white tunic. The angel and I approached God the Father.

As we came closer, God the Father said, “My daughter Valentina come and sit next to Me.”

I sat on the bench beside God the Father, to His left. He gently took my hand and held it like a true and caring Father between both His Hands.

He said, “I, your Father, want to talk to you and express My sad feelings about how humanity behaves badly in the world today. They have no morality any more, and it is all wicked and sinful.”

“Humanity is going above Me and controlling everything. I Am under their feet, and they want to achieve everything without MeBut they forget that I Am Almighty God, and I Am controlling everything.”

“No name is above Me. ‘Father Almighty’ means that I Am Big, above everyone and everything. My daughter, pray for this blind humanity, so they will remove their blindness and see the Truth in Me. Without Me, there would be no life and no existence.”

“My children, when you recite the Holy Creed, ‘I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth,’ that tells you who I Am, Big and Almighty.”

“But when humanity will learn and understand who I Am, they will shrink and tremble before Me, in My Presence. My daughter, console Me and pray for this godless humanity. I Am compassionate and merciful and patient.’’

My Father was lamenting how the world denies Him, yet He still wants to save them. So it is our duty to pray for them.

After the angel brought me back home, the angel was sad, and he said, “Valentina, did you see how upset God the Father is? Humanity does not see what they are doing. Soon, if they don’t change, He will punish the world very severely. Proclaim the Holy Word of God and console Him, and explain to people how God Almighty is sad.”

God the Father, have mercy on this sinful humanity.