Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus

By Valentina Papagna

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Corpus Christi – Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus

During the Holy Mass, Lord Jesus said, “Less and less importance they give to My Precious Body and Blood.”

“This should be the most important of all; for what I have done for humanity, when I instituted My Body and Blood, at the Last Supper, before My Passion and Crucifixion, so that I would not leave you alone and abandoned, when I would leave the world. I had done all of that with My Merciful Love.”

But how sad I Am when people receive Me unworthily during the Holy Communion. Some, they approach Me even with mortal sin, and they have no remorse. I tell you, they already put judgement on themselves.”

My Bishops and My Priests don’t speak the truth to people. They keep silent. They should explain to them to confess their sins before they approach Me. So much I Am offended and sacrileged, and that pains My Sacred Heart so deeply.”

“Valentina, My child, don’t be afraid! Speak up My True Holy Word to the people, to the priests and to the bishops. Tell them of My sorrow, of how they offend Me.”

People, we had better repent and confess our sins before we approach our Lord in Holy Communion. In that way, we console our Lord.

Lord, have Mercy on us.