Feast of The Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus

By Valentina Papagna

June 16, 2023

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Feast of The Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus

Today during the Cenacle Rosary prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “My children, today is the Feast of My Sacred Heart that you all honour. Week by week, you come to pray, and that is the time I look forward to because you come to console My Sacred Heart so beautifully, which the world offends Me so much and rejects Me.”

“Pray for poor sinners of the world so that they convert. Many things are unfolding in front of all of you, and they will happen, and you will not be pleased. But you must remember that I Am always present among you, to protect you and guide you through all the difficult moments. Pray for people and encourage them to turn to prayer.”

Then our Lord was looking at the people present at the prayer group, and He smiled, and He blessed us all, saying, “I bless you all in a very special way on the Feast of My Sacred Heart. Adore and love My Sacred Heart which is full of Love and Mercy.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your merciful and loving Heart.