This War in the Middle East Will Not End So Quickly

By Valentina Papagna

October 19, 2023

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This War in the Middle East Will Not End So Quickly

This morning, when I was praying, the Blessed Mother Mary most Holy came. She said, “Peace be with you from my Son Jesus, Valentina.”

“My daughter, I know my Son Jesus gives you a lot of suffering. We need you to help Him and to console Him, for many children are dying in this war because of the evildoers, for the evil that wants to destroy everything.”

“So many are dying unrepentant, but with His love and mercy, He still wants to save them, to save their souls. Accept what He sends you, and in that way, you console my Son and tell Him you love Him. Pray always to be united to my Son Jesus, and tell my children to pray and repent. Many events will happen in the world, and it will be very difficult and hard to go through them. This war will not end so quickly. It needs a lot of prayer so that Heaven can intervene for a peaceful solution.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy.