Peace Can Only Come From Heaven, Not From the World

By Valentina Papagna

November 19, 2023

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Peace Can Only Come From Heaven, Not From the World

This morning, when I prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary for the protection of everyone, I said, “Today is a new day—Blessed Mother, guide us and lead us.”

Then the Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy came. She smiled and said, “Be at peace, my daughter Valentina. The peace can only come from Heaven, not from the world. I come to tell you what you and all my children experienced on Friday, the fear and confusion—that should not have happened.”

“The person who came to your prayers and was spying on your prayer group, it would be better for him never to have come and to have interfered. For this is my prayer group, that me and my Son Jesus established for the Parramatta Church. With my plans, that me and my Son Jesus chose, for many good fruits that are produced from your beautiful devotions and prayers, that you, my children, offer to me, and they are so pleasing, and they bring joy and consolation to my Immaculate Heart, for so many offences that I receive from the world.”

“Don’t give up your regular prayers that you’ve been attending for many years. Continue to pray and fear not, for I am among you very strongly present, and I love you very much. Fear not. Be at peace, my children.”

Comment: When Blessed Mother was telling me this message, she was very sad. She showed me how the devil entered among the group and wanted to destroy everything. But we have to be strong and to not give up.