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By Valentina Papagna

January 14, 2024

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Golden Flame Appears on the Holy Altar During the Holy Mass

Today, during the Holy Mass, before the Consecration, our Lord asked me, “Do you believe I Am holy?”

I said, “Lord, I always know that You are holy. You are the Holiest of all Holiness.”

Then, all of a sudden, as the priest was preparing the gifts and offering prayers before the Elevation, I noticed a beautiful golden flame of Light appear on the Altar. It was on the Crucifix, just below it—a golden flame, like fire, alive and moving.

Amazed at seeing this beautiful vision, I thought, ‘It couldn’t be the light coming from the candles on the Altar as there was no candle near the Crucifix. Where was that light coming from?’

Lord Jesus said, “See, I Am showing you the flame—that represents that I Am truly present on each Altar during the Holy Mass.”

It was so beautiful. During the Consecration, our Lord is manifesting on the Altar, and the flame was there for a long time, and then all of a sudden, it disappeared.

After the Mass, I approached the priest, and said, “Father Tom, Jesus loves you, be faithful to Him.”

He said, “Thank you, Valentina. Pray for me.”


Guardian Angels Take the Poor Souls to Holy Mass

Each morning, my room is always full of Holy Souls who come begging for help. Once they die, they cannot help themselves. I usually take these souls to Mass and offer them to our Lord at the Holy Altar.

However, I could not do this during the holiday period as, on weekdays, there was no daytime Mass. There was only the early morning Mass, which I could not attend and afterwards, the Church would be closed.

So I asked my Guardian angels, one or two of them, as there are always some angels around me, to take the Holy Souls in my room to the Church. Each morning, I would say to the angels, “Please take all these Holy Souls and others too—take them to the Church before the Holy Mass is offered, and place them at the foot of the Holy Cross of the Altar and ask Lord Jesus to be merciful to them, so He would bless them and help them.”

The angels did as I asked and took all the Holy Souls to present them to our Lord at the Holy Mass.

When we cannot attend Holy Mass, we can send our Guardian Angels to take Holy Souls to Church—they can do that for us. The angels can place the offertory before the Holy Altar. During the Holy Mass, when our Lord is manifesting, they can ask Him, which the angels have the privilege to do, to be merciful to the souls, and they can ask our Lord to take them to Heaven, or whatever our Lord chooses to do with them. Once these souls are taken to the Church and offered to our Lord, they do not return.

Definitely, this inspiration would not come to me unless it was given to me by our Lord. This is something we can all do. Our Guardian Angels are waiting and happy for us to do this—to take the poor souls to the Holy Mass and offer them to our Lord.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful grace.


Souls Suffering for Committing Adultery

This morning, the Angel took me to Purgatory, where I encountered a woman running and running. She could not stop.

I said to her, “Stop running! Why are you running?”

She said, “I am running because it is my punishment. I was married, and then I fell in love with another man who was married.”

I asked, “But you knew that he was married?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I knew, but I didn’t care. I wanted him.”

I said, “But see, you should not have stayed with a married man because he didn’t belong to you.”

“Well, I fell in love with him, and I wanted him. I chased him everywhere,” she said.

“See how you have to suffer now!” I said.

“Now I have to run and run, the same way I was chasing him while I was alive.”

I said, “You know that adultery is wrong? You knew that he was married, and you were still chasing him.”

She then revealed, “It is not only me. There are many here in this place that did what I did. They were married, and they were having affairs with other men, and now they are very much punished.”


Lord Jesus Warns of the Coming Winter

Lord Jesus said, “Now you experience very uncomfortable heat (in Australia), but I also want to tell you and warn you—the winter you will experience this year will be very cold. Don’t put your warm clothing away because you will need them.”

“And that will show you that things will proceed to happen in the world, and they are the signs given to humanity. Pray because the night will become very cold and frozen, and it won’t go away that quickly.”

“Don’t lose hope. You must be in a State of Grace and pray until these things pass through.”


These are Decisive Times Given to Us By Our Lord

Today, during the Cenacle Prayers, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, I want to tell you that nothing is more important now than prayer and being more spiritual. The material will not save your soul. Only spiritually, when you come close to Me and are united to Me, will you be protected when many catastrophes will hit and envelop the world.”

“Tell people these are decisive times that I offer humanity because the devil tries very hard to harvest and destroy humanity, especially dividing families, causing much chaos with the wars which are killing many people. For now, the devil is succeeding with his aggression because of the wars and the corrupt leaders of the world—telling them evil lies about what to do, to harm people and to kill them.”

“And he is succeeding, but not for long because his reign is very short. He will be defeated soon. My Immaculate Mother will crush his head with Holy Michael, My Warrior, when I give them permission to do so.”

“But, My children, I need your prayers now more than ever. Pray the Holy Rosary, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and in that way, you pray for the world—for the conversion of sinners and for their repentance so that many will be saved when real things envelop the world. Some will die—not everyone will enter into My Reign of Peace and Glory. People must convert and repent now and not wait until the last moment.”

“Valentina, my child, be at peace. Proclaim My Holy Word to people. Tell them that these are very decisive times given to humanity. Don’t be afraid, for I Am always with you to protect you.”

Comment: When our Lord talks about decisive times being given to humanity, He means you have to decide now—for good or evil. This is a grace given to us now, and it cannot last forever. We have to decide now and take it.

I love You, My Lord Jesus, and I thank You.


This Church needs Lifting Up

Today, during the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Offer Me everyone that you know and that you can think of. Offer them to Me before the Consecration at My Holy Altar. I also want you to offer Me this Church and the congregation here in this Church, which is not the way it should be—it is quite down and needs lifting up. Pray for this.”

So, during the Holy Mass, I did as our Lord asked of me. I offered this Church and the congregation to our Lord so that He will be merciful and that it will improve.

Comment: This also depends on the priest and what they speak about to people, and the way they explain the truth to people, especially in the homily. Our Lord Jesus requires that priests speak the truth and talk about Repentance and Reconciliation before people receive Him in Holy Communion. It also all depends on how people respond. The Church is very much down, and it needs to be raised up. It needs to be lifted up, and this can also be done through prayer, fasting and sacrifices.


Our Lord and Blessed Mother Desire that People Dress Modestly in Church

During Holy Mass, at the distribution of Holy Communion, our Lord always comes to tell me how offended and sacrileged He is because people come to receive Him unrepentant—some even with grave sin.

Today, after Holy Communion, I said to our Lord, “Lord, I thank You, and I ask You to be merciful for all those who offend You during the distribution of the Holy Eucharist.”

After the conclusion of the Holy Mass, our Lord always asks me to go to the Chapel, kneel before the Blessed Sacrament, and make reparation to console Him because He is so gravely offended.

Today, while I was in the Chapel making reparation, after praying The Divine Praises, which our Lord always asks me to pray and which console Him and make Him feel better, it was at that moment that our Lord Jesus spoke to me.

He said, “Valentina, My child, would you ask the Bishop or the priest what I request from them? Tell them that I, the Lord Jesus, said, “Jesus and Blessed Mother desire if you would announce in the church or write in the bulletin, to tell people to dress modestly, to cover their flesh and not to expose their nakedness, when they enter My Church, because that offends Me greatly. People should dress modestly, and that applies to both men and women. Today in the First Reading (Jonah 3:1-5,10), you heard how the Ninevites would be punished unless they renounced their evil behaviour. That was a warning given to them. They listened, and they were saved from the punishment. The same is true today—people have no values, no morals, and no shame. So casually they come into the church before the living God.”

Comment: Our Lord is warning us. People, you’d better believe it. Wake up and listen because after you die, you will have to give an account to God and suffer for all the wrongs you have done on earth, including your immodesty. We should humble ourselves before God and not follow the evil fashions of today.