Be Careful of False Teachings Being Spread in the World

By Valentina Papagna

February 16, 2024

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Be Careful of False Teachings Being Spread in the World

Early in the morning, while I was praying The Angelus, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me.”

Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves in a beautiful garden, all green and so fresh that you could inhale the pure freshness. It was so beautiful, with many varieties of shrubs and ferns.

As we arrived, we could see our Lord Jesus talking to a group of Saints. I noticed that He was not happy, as He had a very sad expression on His face. He then left the area and secluded Himself among some greenery. He sat down on a chair with His Head slightly lowered and the palms of His Hands facing upwards in prayer. He wanted to be alone.

The angel said, “You have to go there and console Him. See how sad He is for the world that rejects Him and is so sinful.”

At that moment, I came up closer to our Lord. I didn’t want to interfere while He was praying and resting.

I bowed before Him and said, “Glory to You, my Lord Jesus.”

As I said this, I slightly disturbed our Lord from His deep thoughts.

I asked, “Lord, why are You so sad?”

He didn’t answer.

I then said to Him, “There is a large group of children and mothers waiting for Your blessing.”

He looked up like I had startled Him and said, “Oh yes, yes, I will do that for you.”

I could see the big group waiting on the side. I felt that this group were all still living on earth.

After our Lord blessed them, He became a little more cheerful.

We were both looking at the children when He said, “See these children, when they will be adults and grown up, some will be good and some will not.”

“Valentina, My child, I thirst. Give Me a glass of water.”

The angel directed me to a little grotto where there was spring water. I filled a glass with this crystal clear water and gave it to our Lord.

Our Lord took the glass of water and walked away to a different part of the garden to sit down. He was still very sad.

The angel then started to tell me, “There is a nun, circling from place to place, and telling people how important she is, and telling them she has been sent from the Vatican. She thinks she is very important, spreading all kinds of different teachings.”

While the angel and I were talking about this nun, suddenly, she appeared in front of us. Her hair was grey and tied back, and I noticed she did not wear a nun’s habit. She was all happy as she held in her arms a big metal bucket full of strawberries.

The angel and I were standing on the side, observing what this nun was about to do. With their backs to each other, our Lord sat elevated and looking in the one direction while the nun sat lower than our Lord a short distance from Him, looking in the opposite direction.

With so much pride, the nun said to our Lord, “Look at the good fruit I have produced!”

From my observation, I could see that most of the fruit was rotten. I said to the angel, “To me, they look rotten and no good.”

The nun then proceeded with her hand to search through the rotten fruit to find one strawberry, which was not so bad to give to our Lord. She found one, picked it up and twisted her body around to try to place the fruit in our Lord’s glass of water. Our Lord did not move—He did not acknowledge her and ignored her offering. He did not offer His glass to her, nor could she reach it.

Realising she could not reach our Lord’s glass, the nun popped the rotten fruit in her mouth and consumed it.

She was full of vanity—proudly and tightly holding onto her rotten fruit. She kept repeating that she is from the Vatican.

Smiling and continuing to boast, she said, “I have done good to come here from the Vatican. I am big there and very important.”

The angel said, “Our Lord wants to reveal all this to you so that you can see what is true and what is false.”