Pentecost Sunday

By Valentina Papagna

May 19, 2024

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Pentecost Sunday

During the Holy Mass, the Angel appeared, and He said to me, “Today, we are all around our Lord in Heaven, praising Him, and the whole of Heaven is rejoicing.”

In a vision, I could see all the angels and saints in Heaven praising and glorifying our Lord. Our Lord wore beautiful red garments with rich gold embroidery. He was very, very joyful because the whole of Heaven surrounded Him, praising Him.

Our Lord Jesus Himself then moved forward towards me and said, “Every year, people set a date and say: today, we will all receive the Holy Spirit that will manifest in our conscience.”

Our Lord then smiled and said, “No! My children, don’t make any dates because that is for My Father. Only He knows when, but don’t give up hope because the Holy Spirit will come when, in the world, there will be terrible trouble.”

“People will think there is no more hope. Then the Holy Spirit will come in such a power that no one will expect Him, and no one will refuse Him. Very powerfully, the Holy Spirit will bring the truth to humanity—for humanity to know that the world is under the slavery of Satan. The Holy Spirit will manifest, revealing the truth to the world, and people will say: we were all under the influence of the slavery of Satan.”

“Be courageous and pray for that. You have to prepare yourselves, and repent and be pure and holy to meet the Bridegroom.”