We Are Now Entering Into The Tribulation

By Valentina Papagna

June 7, 2024

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We Are Now Entering Into The Tribulation

This morning, while I was praying, three angels came and took me to Purgatory to visit suffering souls. As we were leaving the places we visited in Purgatory, the angels said, in a very serious tone, “Valentina, we want to tell you something.” Souls followed us and eagerly listened to what the angels were about to tell me.

The three Angels and I kept walking as they said to me, “We want to tell you that you are now fully entering into the Tribulation, and there is no way out! Even the daily Sacrifice of the Holy Mass will be abolished. You must tell people to pray and repent because there will be a lot of difficult times ahead of them. People will be sad and in despair, but tell them not to be but to trust and pray to our Lord Jesus. He will give them strength.”

The souls following us said, “See? We told you many times that you will experience a lot of Tribulation on earth.”

I was so shocked and saddened to hear this message.

Thank you, Holy Angels. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for sending us Messengers.