Visiting Souls in Purgatory

By Valentina Papagna

April 21, 2024

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Visiting Souls in Purgatory

This morning, while I was praying, the Angel came and took me to Purgatory. We arrived at a run-down building, similar in appearance to a factory warehouse. It was very old and grey and generally a very depressing place. Inside were many souls waiting to be helped. I could see greasy oil stains on the building floor, representing the sins of the souls. The Angel instructed me to clean the stubborn stains from the floor.

As I was sweeping and cleaning the greasy oil stains, a saintly lady from Heaven appeared. She brought with her three gleaming silver pots. One pot was sealed in a box, and she held the other two. The empty pots meant these souls did not offer our Lord anything. They brought nothing of goodness with them—they did not do good deeds while alive on earth.

She said, “Valentina, I have brought you a gift. I brought you three pots.”

I said, Oh Yes? Thank you.”

Then she said, “You know these pots, you have to fill them.”

I said, “Yes, I know.”

I told Angel, “I sweep a lot, but these oil marks won’t come off.”

He said, “Yes, they are a bit stubborn—they will take longer to clean.”

There are some souls there that need longer purification. I understood that the souls in this warehouse were all men, and some would need more prayers and sacrifices before they could progress.

All of a sudden, the Angel said, “Now we have to move on. This will need longer to clean.”

Later, at Holy Mass, I offered these souls to our Lord.