Mary, Your Mother

By Valeria Copponi

November 29, 2017

How beautiful! My dear children, my cenacle burns with love for Me and for my Son this evening. Be always assiduous in prayer, now more than ever. You know that in these difficult times only prayer can help you.

I am near to you, always ready to listen to your voice. Ask for all those graces that you need to win eternal life. Do not lose your mind if you are not always fulfilled by the things of this world, but exult in all those graces that you have with respect to the infinite Kingdom of God.

Pray for all my young people who are losing themselves because of drugs, unbridled sexuality, drunkenness. My children, they no longer think about the needs of the spirit itself because they are taken in by the false joys of the world.

Never before as in this moment has Satan been making a pillage of my weakest children. Temptations do not leave you for even one moment. Be more attentive; seek not to follow the one who seems to be the most beautiful, since he incites you to accept his false offers.

The good comes only from God and if you are not attentive, you can easily err. Listen to the voice of my Son. He loves you and you are his. Open the doors of your hearts and all will appear clearer to you.

The days to come will be yet more trying. Be strong, help each other. In difficulties ask the advice of your priests and start again on the path that leads you to freedom of body and spirit.

Follow the Word of God and you cannot err. He is Light. Do not waste time in worldliness but dedicate to the Father each moment of your brief life.

I bless you, I protect you, and I defend you from every evil.

Mary, your Mother