Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel

By Valeria Copponi

April 18, 2018

My dear children, I bring you my support. I see minds weighed down by too many trials, but do not forget that your Mother watches over you. Take courage, I tell you; in order to fight you must be strong and never lose hope.

Whoever believes in God cannot surrender, even if it sometimes seems to bring too heavy a weight. Be at peace, because your God knows well your strength. It is I who am with you, and a mother, in the moment of difficulties, not only does she not surrender but she puts all her forces at the disposition of her children.

I know that you are living through not too easy a time, but you will emerge victorious because this is precisely what faith serves. Therefore, do not feel yourselves alone; I will never leave you. Difficulties should be confronted with hope in the heart and, little by little, problems are resolved.

Pray with fervor, believe in all that the Word of God offers you every day, and continue in your works of mercy toward your most weak and needy brethren.

Jesus will never abandon you in trial but will listen to your prayers, responding to your requests with all his love.

Be consistent. Let your words always bring enlightenment to those in darkness, let your actions be helpful and supportive, imitate Jesus with your words and works, certain that in the end all knots will become untangled to free you and your loved ones from their diabolical ties.

Satan will be beaten. This is the certainty that must encourage you before the thousand difficulties that you will yet encounter. Always look up, for there it is I who watch over you. I bless you and console you.

Mary, Our Lady of Good Counsel