Jesus, the Savior

By Valeria Copponi

December 24, 2018

My daughter, how can you say, “Jesus, why do you not listen to our prayers?” You know very well that I Am infinite goodness. Let the Scriptures be fulfilled. Man is deciding his future and I cannot stop him.

It is Judas who still betrays me. The heart of man is a burning furnace of wickedness, envy, jealousy, greed; he is committing, against Me, every kind of sin.

He continues to put himself in the place of God, today more than yesterday. He does not yet understand that he is born from my Holy Will. Be at peace, because every thing will take up again the place awaits it.

Pray and make others pray. You are very displeased about that little creature who has been assassinated with circumcision. Remember, even he is born from the Will of God and now enjoys his Paternity.

Pray, instead, for his assassins. Judas still strikes; he has the faculty for it for still a bit of time. This night, you will remember again my Birth, well, then, address to that Little Jesus your prayer from the heart. Pray that he return quickly to bring peace to his suffering children.

Respect God’s time, have faith, because only in faith will you find true peace. I love you and will not allow you to suffer beyond my Will. Praise, tonight, that Little Child who is bearer of Peace and Love.

I love my flock and will not let any more be lost than my Father permits. May my blessing descend on all my people who are “waiting.”

Jesus, the Savior