Mary, She Who Will Win

By Valeria Copponi

January 29, 2020

My dear children, I bring you the blessings of my Son, Jesus.

Pray and have others pray, because your enemy is working greatly. Pray, use often my weapon otherwise he will have the final victory.

I do not want to dishearten you, but to spur you on in prayer, because time is running quickly and you run the risk of falling into his fires. Pray so that it change, with you and for you, this wind that brings only violence, hatred, and sin.

Ask often for my help. I want to help you but you, call upon me often and I will not let you down. I want the salvation of all my children, but the salvation of those dear to you depends also on you.

Above all, pray and invoke salvation for all your young. Too many entertainments and little prayer. Too much envy and jealousy and little altruism and little love.

Unfortunately, you will no longer have joy until you understand all this.

Your values are no longer of benevolence, but only of looking for carrying everything over to your side. I pray you, seek justice, truth, and love. Only then can you recover all the goods that used to enrich your healthy existence.

Continuing to offend the Creator, you can no longer enjoy his graces. My dear children, I do not cease to bless you and to intercede for you before the Father, but you, begin living in his Will.

When you open your eyes in the morning, your thought should be that of thanks for the day that is still given to you. Raise your eyes and call upon God.

Mary, She Who Will Win

P.S. You can tell them that soon I will return among you and mine will be the victory.