Mary, Consoler

By Valeria Copponi

June 17, 2020

My dearest children, I advise you, never lose hope.

The days that are coming will be difficult to face, but you, think always that you have a Father who has thought you up forever. He has created you and given you a land in which to live in his peace.

My children, time has passed quickly, but not all have obeyed the counsels of the Heavenly Father. Not only have you not sought to better your way of life, but you have worsened it in every way.

Not even now, when you have lost your liberty in every part of the world, do you succeed in distinguishing good from evil. My children, be bearers of peace. Give good example to those who have done nothing but distance themselves from the things of God.

But how can certain brethren of yours live, uselessly losing time and peace. They have not yet understood that, far from their Creator, they turn off every switch that brings them true “Light.”

Darkness brings only fear, wickedness, cruel intentions, accompanied then by behaviors totally far from God. Give the example of charity, of goodness, and of faith. Dear children, only faith in God will bring a bit of peace to your hearts.

I intercede for you, above all for your non-believing brethren, so that my Son might convert them and bring them to the Father. Without conversion, they will be lost forever. I beseech you, pray even for them and with good example so many will be converted.

Jesus loves you, but the ancient serpent does not give up his prey.

Choose the Kingdom of God.

Mary, Consoler