These Last Times of Ours

By Valeria Copponi

August 18, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Mary, your Mother and Queen

My little children, I your Mother was raised [1] to Heaven with all my angels; I take care of you beside My Son and will rescue you from all evil that will present itself to you, increasingly often. My children, you know full well that these times* through which you are living will be [your] last on earth [2] and that the Evil One is conquering many souls that are distant from God. You, however, should not fear, as every adversity that will come your way will be mitigated by our presence with each one of you. [3]
Fight with open and sincere hearts; you will have the final victory, the most important one for your eternal salvation. You will not have to struggle in order to win the world but in order to return to your Father’s House, the holy dwelling.** Continue praying without ceasing and not even the Devil will be able to win against you. I, who am your Mother, will fight against your enemy until the last one of you overcomes the greatest obstacle, meaning final temptation. Always seek the truth; do not betray the law of God out of convenience or in order be among the strongest on earth, as the Divine laws will have no losers, only winners. Pious souls, continue on your way, always and only obeying Jesus the Christ, Son of God. Surrender with joy to your heavenly parents and you will not be disappointed. I love you and will console you at every difficult moment that you will have to face; pray for the consecrated so that they would not fall short of their vows. Pray for your non-believing brothers and sisters, helping them, standing by them in times of difficulty.

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↑1 i.e. The Italian original sono salita merely indicates upward movement, without implying an active ascent comparable to that of Jesus (which would be a theologically incorrect understanding of the Virgin Mary’s Assumption).
↑2 Italian: questi tempi che state vivendo saranno gli ultimi sulla terra. The notion of the “last times on earth” should not be taken as implying that this is the end of the world in an absolute sense (past messages received by Valeria Copponi, as by many other credible prophetic voices, have spoken explicitly about the coming renewal of the world and Era of Peace): it needs to be remembered that the primary addressees of Valeria’s locutions are her prayer group in Rome, which may well include many elderly people in the final stages of their lives. Also, the word “times” suggest a final period of eschatological events, which include the Era of Peace. In any case, the message makes it plain that the ultimate goal of Christians needs to remain eternal life with God, rather than any this-worldly objective. Translator’s notes.
↑3 While a recent message to Gisella Cardia states that coming events cannot be mitigated, this does not mean that for the individual, the presence of God and Our Lady cannot further mitigate these trials in a personal way to those who welcome heavenly help.