On Putting the Spiritual First

By Valeria Copponi

July 28, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

“Jesus, Savior of the World”

My little children, it pains me to see so much indifference towards what is sacred. You do not understand that the things of the world will quickly pass and that then you will find nothing but emptiness [1] around and within you. Begin to change your ways — even [if only] slowly: put the spiritual part of you first, as the bodily part will no longer be important. Heaven will never pass away, I tell you: prepare yourselves, because I will return when you least expect it. My Holy Mother is trembling with expectation, therefore — also out of love [2] — My Father will accelerate the times.

Now I say to you: what is the use of the thousands of earthly things with which you have been so busy? You cannot take even the smallest thing with you: nothing that you have set apart with such passion will be of any use to you. Begin to say the prayers that were taught to you so long ago and which you have forgotten, setting them aside as being of no importance. Pray, my children: this is the opportune moment, because Satan has taken from you all the power that you have freely given him. I am with you and preserve you from all evil, but you must turn back to Me as the most authoritative of fathers. My little children, I repeat to you: wake up from this satanic sleep — a good confession will free you from the ties of Satan and you will again be free to choose what is good and right for you. I bless you, I mark you with the sign of My Cross.

↑1 Italian: il vuoto: emptiness or the void. This does not of course imply that Hell does not exist, only nothingness; the implication is rather that, for those who reject God, there will be nothing good after their deaths (the absence of good, privatio boni, being one of the classical theological definitions of evil).
↑2 Italian per il suo amore, which could either mean Our Lady’s love or that of God the Father. Translator’s notes.