Your Mother and Teacher

By Valeria Copponi

June 9, 2021

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My dear children, only if you let your hearts be inflamed by the Holy Spirit will you be able to follow my counsels, vital for each of you.

Those who, though they believe, let their hearts grow cold, will no longer find the way that brings them to salvation. Dear children, I tell you this to keep you from going far from the Word of God.

I am with you, but if you do not put into practice what your ears and your heart listen to, you will remain cold and distant from what is truly important for living in holiness.

Remember that holiness means salvation. If you want to enter in to take part in eternal life, you must come to holiness. Begin to offer your sorrows and all the negativity that you are living through every day and you will observe that life is not, then, so difficult and bitter as it seems.

You know well that earthly life is brief. I tell you that it is the trial of your love for God, Creator and Lord. When, finally, you are able to enjoy His presence, you will be eternally happy and will forget the sorrows you went through on earth.

I love you and desire to have all of you with me. Pray that the times of trial soon come to completion and one be able to savor eternal sweetness.

Pray and fast from what draws you far from God. Ask the grace to abandon sin and temptations will become weaker and more rare. Jesus is with you, with each of you, above all in the trials that you must still face.

I bless you and protect you.

Your Mother and Teacher