Mary, Laetitia and Joy

By Valeria Copponi

May 26, 2021

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My such beloved children, be glad, for your true life is joy. Even on earth one can be glad and live in joy.

You ask why I am telling you this. I see too many of my children in sorrow. They are no longer able to smile, they no longer believe in friendship, they cannot embrace a child for fear of contagion.

Do you understand to what point you have been reduced? An embrace has never done anyone any harm. For this reason I tell you, do not fear. Take up your life again in joy. Love each other, smile at each other, encourage each other because evil ends up leaving the way open for “Our Coming.”

Be glad, I tell you. Think about how much joy will soon surround you. Our love for you is very great and your pains, your worries, will end. Have you understood what I’ve told you? Earthly life is brief with respect to eternity.

Embrace each other, my children, because nothing is more important than love. Faith in God helps you to discern between the things that are causing you suffering and the love of God. If you understand this, smiles will return, as if by magic, upon your lips.

I, your Mother, want you all to be happy and joyful. I promise you that if you entrust yourselves to us you will make leaps of joy. The devil can do nothing if you do not open your hearts to him.

Feed upon the Eucharistic Jesus and have no fear.

I bless you, I protect you, and I defend you as soon as you open your hearts to our care. Jesus is with you; do not forget it.

Mary, Laetitia and Joy