Soon These Times Will End

By Valeria Copponi

September 29, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our “Mother of tenderness”

My dearest children, I come to you surrounded by my angels and archangels: pray to them particularly today so that they would intercede for you before God. Pray often, even by night with your hands clasped; pray for all those who risk walking eternally among the flames of Hell.

My dearly beloved little children, today on your earth people only think of what is superfluous, not considering that eternity will never pass away! My children, witness to Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Jesus became human like you in order to testify that God is the Absolute Master of all things. Little children, speak of the times that will soon change without your being able to go back. Your good works will be the surest passport to your infinite life. I commend to you my weakest children who, not knowing the love that God has for them, may be lost for eternity. Encourage those who feel that they are the last and that they are useless; tell them that for me and Jesus you all have very great importance. Let them not forget that Jesus gave his life dying on the Cross. This should give you great cause for reflection.

I am constantly interceding for you; I am sad for my children who will be lost — do not squander your freedom. Soon these times will end; I hope that each one of you will merit the prize of eternal life.

Offer up prayers and sacrifices, and then you will see and rejoice in the glory of God. I bless you, I love you and want you all to be with me. Peace to you and your families.