The Times are Being Fulfilled

By Valeria Copponi

September 22, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

“Mary, Help of Christians”

My dearest little children, do you believe in the invocation “Maranatha, come Lord Jesus”? Then pray it more often and with greater conviction. You know full well that these end times are unique rather than [just] rare, beginning with the change of the weather and temperatures. There is no seasonal climate: rain is either delayed or torrential, causing limitless damage. And you, my dearest children, it is as if all this does not touch you closely. I suggest that you pray to God, asking Him to act through His Holy Spirit and to heal everything that you have made sick, beginning with the climate and finishing with what you eat.

Nothing in your countryside grows in the light of God; [1] your farmers used to look to heaven if rain was lacking or too abundant. Now you think that you can obtain everything you need by deciding according to your own intelligence alone. My little children, you will never be able to take the place of your God; instead, pray that He would forgive your aridity of heart. Only if you turn to Him in humility will you be able to resume your calm and happy life, full of all God’s goodness. Ask forgiveness from the depths of your hearts, offer up your sufferings, go back — at least on Sundays — to receiving Jesus in your hearts. You have little time left, but please ask forgiveness for all your very many shortcomings. On your own you can do nothing; with God’s help, you can still remedy your very numerous errors. As Mother I must urge you to make haste: the times are truly being fulfilled.



↑1 alternative translation: “Nothing in your countryside is grown taking God into account”