Mary Most Blessed and Mother of Humanity

By Valeria Copponi

June 1, 2022

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Message from Our Lady

Dear children, I never tire of coming to you, but tell me: do my words touch your hearts? For your good I wish they do. You feasted me yesterday and I am very grateful, but do you put into practice yourselves, as well, what I lived?

When I visited my dearest cousin Elizabeth, I did it together with an extraordinary knowledge, that I was becoming a mother, with all that awaited me, in addition to the Son of God.

Moms, I tell you: take example from Me. For Jesus I became a mother, first of all lovingly, but at the same time I thought about his education.

Be Christian mothers first. Speak often to your children about Jesus. Tell them that His suffering must not have been suffered in vain. Let his example be always present in every thought and work. Know that suffering for the good of others is never seen in vain.

At the foot of the Cross I offered Myself for the good of you all. In these times, few of you let me enter into their hearts to leave the love of Jesus and, unfortunately, you are paying for it with bitter sufferings.

My daughters, I turn to you. Bear witness with your works, otherwise words fall into oblivion. Time is drawing short. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but above all to God what belongs to God.

Decide to live in a Christian manner, because our coming is all the closer. Pray and offer sacrifices for your children and for all my sons, your priests.

I bless you and thank you.

Mary Most Blessed and Mother of Humanity