Your Loving Mother

By Valeria Copponi

March 16, 2022

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Yes, my daughter, I want to inflame you with love for Jesus.

The times in which you are living are truly very hard. I hope that all this worry bring you to prayer and to peace.

Wars, remember, never lead to peace. Only prayer to your Savior can change your tears into a smile. I am always with you, but unfortunately most of your brethren still live in sin, far from God.

I speak, and you who understand my words have intuited that without love for God you are not going anywhere. Pray and make others pray, otherwise wars will lead to sorrow and division among you.

I tell you: love more, above all those whom you consider enemies! I know very well that I am asking much, but I pray you, listen to me, otherwise the devil will play his cards, facilitated by your unloving behavior.

Dear children, time is shortening. You are at the showdown. Obey my requests and your Father will still give you the last times of possibility.

Draw near to the sacraments, make use of sacramentals, use holy water to greet your friends and relatives and Satan will draw far from you. Temptations are the way that lead to Satan. For this reason, abandon that kind of path and begin that which the saints have walked before you.

My dear children, pray, pray, pray. You will see your paths become less tiring. I am with you. Ask me for the help you need.

I bless you.

Your Loving Mother