Live As If It Were Your Last Day

By Valeria Copponi

April 27, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from “Jesus, Son of Mary Most Holy”

“My dearest daughter, in the person of my priest, I am present here today among you. I protect and guard you in these difficult times, but for you, my children, the difficulties will not exist.* I am always with you, rest assured; do not be afraid, because where my Mother is, there I am. I will never leave you on your own, I will be close to you in all the most difficult moments and will guide you until the end when I will present you to My Father.

Pray and always live as if this were your last day – that is, [live] in God’s grace. My Father will heal and cure you and you will finally live in the glory of your Father.

My children, you know full well that only prayer surrounded by good works will open the door of My Father’s joy.

Do not be found unprepared but always be ready to enter with Me into the Kingdom of My Father. Your earth is stained with the blood of your brothers and sisters; it is for you to clean it of all the offenses and blasphemies against God.

You can see how the earth is becoming darker and more difficult for you; it is for you to heal it with your prayers in order to give it back some healthy spiritual vigor.

I love you and will not allow Satan to do more evil than is necessary.** My children, pray and make people pray and I, with My Blessed Mother, will return among you in the glory of My Father. I bless you in the name of the Blessed Trinity.

Jesus, Son of Mary Most Holy


* On a spiritual level thanks to the Lord’s protection.

** “Necessary” in the sense that Satan’s action occurs within God’s permissive will, which does not imply that evil is actively willed by God. Translator’s notes.