Plead for the Coming of My Son

By Valeria Copponi

April 27, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from the Immaculate Virgin of the Blue Roses

I am with you every day of your life. I protect you and defend you from temptations – otherwise, without my defense, hell would be open for you. These times do not allow you to live a life in hope; everything that appears before you causes you to lose all hope. Pray, My children: you will never be able to save your lives without prayer. Satan is the master in the majority of your souls, My children. I beseech you to pray more and to plead for the coming of My Son, otherwise you will be exhausted by the evil one, who with his temptations makes you see as beautiful and good what in truth is sin against God and against your neighbor.
How many temptations you have on your earth, little children! Wherever you go you are persecuted in malevolent and sinful fashion. Where will you be able to benefit from a good example if television, newspapers, etc. are now under Satanic temptation?
You will no longer have the benefit of good examples, but more and more every day, you will have to defend yourselves against the bad examples that fill the whole world.
Pray, fast, withdraw in solitude that you might allow us to visit you and help you overcome the temptations that grip your heart and mind. Pray that the time separating you from the coming of Jesus will be shortened and that you would be freed from all the forms of slavery that oppress you from morning to night.
I bless you; have frequent recourse to my consolations.


↑1 A title of Our Lady found in the writings of the visionary Anna Maria Ossi, who in 1994 founded the apostolate Corona del Cuore Immacolato di Maria SS. together with priest Don Gianfranco Verri. Translator’s note.