Mary, Your Only Mother

By Valeria Copponi

May 18, 2022

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Message from Our Lady

My dear children, few of you remain, those who love me with all your heart. I will keep suggesting to you how you must behave in the days to come. You already know that the last times will be difficult to live through, but you were certainly not expecting all the negative things that you are living through.

On the other hand, the Gospel has already and always put you on watch that in the last times all will be overturned. Your earth, up to now, has been ruled by Satan, but only because you, with your behavior, permit him.

I do not address you who are praying, but most of your brethren, not even if they pass in front of the door of a church, do not think to enter and make a brief greeting to Jesus in the tabernacle.

There will yet come times more difficult for you who believe, but then all will change with our coming on earth. Dear children, continue to pray that your brethren convert.

I love you. I am near you and will not let Satan tempt you more than you can handle. Pray and never forget to pray for your priests. Many are in difficulty because of all the changes that are happening in the liturgy, above all regarding the Holy Mass.

Remember, God is One and Jesus remains his Only Son. I, Mary, have always obeyed, first the Father and then the Son, without ever doubting the “Word.” Imitate my behaviors and you will be saved.

Pray, love, and offer yourselves to God for those dear to you. I embrace you, I bless you, I protect and defend you.

Mary, Your Only Mother