The Times Are Coming to an End

By Valeria Copponi

November 9, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from “Your Blessed Mother”

My daughter, I love you [plural] so much, especially you who invoke me for all your brothers and sisters. I do not want to weep any more; as you know, the times are approaching at great speed, and only praise and thanksgiving will reach my Son on the part of your brothers and sisters, since they will feel in the depths of their hearts that they can only trust and rely on God. Your world is yielding to the evil one; my children have sold themselves to him and it will be almost impossible for them to shake him off. I feel joy solely due to my children who pray, who offer prayers and sacrifices for all my children who have turned away from their Father. You know full well that your earthly days are coming to an end, and yet no one is thinking of saving their soul. I thank you, my children, because many of you offer prayers and sacrifices precisely for these children of mine who have made pacts with the Devil.
I love you, my children — you who do not forget to worship God and who console Jesus when He receives only insults and blasphemous words. I love you, my beloved children; continue to pray and offer sacrifices for these children of mine who are far from their Creator. I am with you: I bless you often during the day, especially in moments of temptation. The times are coming to an end, [1] and to each according to their merit, your God will give the reward or eternal punishment. Always be obedient. Your Blessed Mother.



↑1 ie. the end of this era, not the world, as the popes have emphatically stated for over a century. See The Popes and the Dawning EraHowever, since we are entering a period of global chastisement, this will certainly be the end of these times for many people. See The Last Judgments