Eternal Pains Are Real

By Valeria Copponi

October 19, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Mary “Your True Mother”

My dearly beloved little children, today I ask you to speak about hell, especially to young people. They do not admit that the pains of hell exist; they talk about it among themselves and laugh at those who inform them about this eternity, which is full of pain alone. Dear children, help me to make these young people of mine understand that eternal pains are real, just as eternal joys are real, whereby my children who are obedient to God’s Word will enjoy the love of their Creator forever.

I am sad: I suffer much for these little children of mine, so I ask you not to leave me on my own in these last times. Pray and make others pray, especially for priests, that they would take this difficult task to heart: it is especially up to them to bring to my Son all the young people who are far from the Church and therefore from God. For you, the times are being fulfilled; your [present] world will come to an end to make way for what is spiritual on earth. [1] My children, I know that I can count on you who follow my teachings; always be consistent in your way of behaving and of awakening consciences that are far from God. May the Holy Mass always be in the first place in your lives, as Jesus will act through you. I love you, my dearly beloved children; I am always close to you and I pray to Jesus that He would grant you all His love. I give you my great love. Your true Mother.


↑1 Italian: parte spirituale della terra : literally “the spiritual part of the earth”. The sense of this mysterious expression would seem to be that only what is aligned with God’s purposes will be carried over into the Kingdom of the Divine Will after the present purification of the world. Translator’s note.