Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother

By Valeria Copponi

June 14, 2023

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Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother

I am your Most Holy Mother. Do not be afraid of these dark times in which you are living, because soon my Son will place within you the peace and desire for Paradise. Your earth is consumed in all its fullness and, unfortunately, will no longer give you what you desire.

I always pray to your Father, so that He give you yet a bit of peace, but unfortunately, most you have left aside Holy Mass and all that is divine and which would help you gain eternal life.

Dear children, you know well how much your times on earth are drawing short. Pray for your brethren, so that your Father, who must judge you from heaven, might be generous, above all with his children who have not respected his Commandments.

Thank you who have followed my teachings. Continue to catechize your brethren outside the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church. Your brethren who are far from God will have much to suffer in the times to come.

Their ignorance regarding Paradise will bring them to eternal suffering. Pray and have others pray, so that your Eternal Father have compassion on all his children who are far from his laws.

I entrust to you all of my children who are far from the Truth, so that they be able to ask forgiveness before their earthly end.

Your Most Holy Heavenly Mother