Your Tender Mother

By Valeria Copponi

June 7, 2023

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Your Tender Mother

My dearest children, you call upon me—pray for us sinners—but soon after, you forget your request. I, however, continue to pray for you. Otherwise, the devil would plunder my children.

Remember, my children, that without calling upon our Names, you would always be in satanic clutches.

You know, now with certitude, that the times in which you are living are the last and that if you do not entrust yourselves to Jesus and to his Most Holy Father, you will be subject to the power of Satan, and hell will be your dwelling forever.

I pray for you, but as for you, seek not to draw far from Jesus with your sins. Pray and repent for all the times you have forgotten the Love of God.

The days to come will be all the more difficult and only by entrusting yourselves to Us will you be able to repent of evils done and to ask forgiveness. I seek to guide you toward the good but many, too many of you, shrug your shoulders to accomplish destructive works.

Peace among you will vanish and thus the devil will find your wicked hearts open to him. My dear children, you know very well that these are the last times. Seek, therefore, to live them in the grace of God in order to merit eternal life.

I love you and will help you, so that you may live on earth. But you, offer me your hearts. I bless you.

Your Tender Mother