Go Forward with Prayer

By Valeria Copponi

May 10, 2023

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Message from Jesus, Your Redeemer

My daughter, I am your Jesus and I come again to you to encourage you to go forward, especially with prayer. Without prayer you are like sheep without a shepherd. You see how your life is becoming all the more difficult. I can only urge you to go forward with prayer.

Your existence on earth will never become the same as it was. You have forgotten prayer and, with prayer, even the Holy Mass.

How many of my children no longer turn to Me for their needs! They even make use of fortune tellers and, in this way, make their existence worse. The world has not been created by people but by God, He Who Is Creator and Lord of heaven and earth.

I implore you, my children, you who listen to my Word, strive to give the good example. Speak of your Lord Jesus Christ. Remember that he has let himself be crucified for your good.

I love you and know your needs well. I am always ready to help you. I ask that you turn to Me in every circumstance and I will always be ready to help you.

Pray, pray, pray. Come often to find me in the tabernacles of your churches and I will not disappoint you. May my blessing be always upon you and your families. Love even your enemies and I will preserve you from their acts of malevolence.

Jesus, Your Redeemer