Return to Praying

By Valeria Copponi

May 17, 2023

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Message from Jesus, Your Redeemer

My dearest children, ask yourselves this question: why is the climate turning against us? The answer is simple: have you respected nature? No, you believe you have become masters of this world and nature is making itself felt by responding with the climate—above all, with these disasters.

Now you understand that what you want to change with your hands will never give you what you set out to take. Nature is rebelling against you and you, before these catastrophes, no longer know how to respond.

My dearest children, say “Through my fault, my most grievous fault.” Your heart will give you more just responses if, in your hearts, you enter into my will.

I am your Good Father. I know what you need for living your life comfortably and in mutual accord. If you let Satan enter your hearts, you will quickly realize that the good you need will flee far from you.

My dear children, return to praying to your Good Shepherd. Ask with love and you be answered with love and, above all, with justice. You have lost everything only because you have placed your “I” in the place of God.

Convert, my children, otherwise my Father will respond to your requests in the same way in which you ask them. If you return to Him with a true conversion, everything good and just will return to earth.

I will pray to the Father to obtain the conversion of all your hearts.

Jesus, Your Redeemer